Rwomushana: Uganda on drip as Museveni showed in Luweero


Former head of intelligence desk at State House, Charles Rwomushana, says the country is on drip exactly like what President Yoweri Museveni portrayed with his Luweero district drip irrigation “comical stunt”.

The former spy was connecting dots on NBS television Monday morning alongside Patrick Katabazi Kiconco, an economist.

“The system has collapsed and the whole country is on drip, that is what Museveni is illustrating with drip irrigation,” Rwomushana stated.

He went on: “You want to believe that Museveni just walked into someone’s house to drink water? This was to divert minds of people.”

According to Rwomushana, President Museveni is building another ‘Rwakitura’ in Luweero district.

“That area is strategic. You can’t have a military operation called ‘Operation Wealth Creation’.”

Museveni was bitterly criticised for fetching water on a bicycle with several politicians saying he was seeking cheap popularity.

Others reminded him that carrying water on a bicycle for drip irrigation would not take the country to the middle income status.

According to Rwomushana, some areas are drying up because forest reserves are being given away to those who are well connected.

Kiconco, when asked on President Museveni’s drip irrigation demonstration, said: “I think it was a good gesture”.

He said what drives an economy is production and Ugandans are not producing.

On the cash-strapped Nakumatt supermarkets, Kiconco said if the finance minister says the economy is struggling, “who am I to say the contrary?”

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