Rwomushana: TDA desperately begging Mbabazi  


Charles Rwomushana

Political analyst, Charles Rwomushana, says The Democratic Alliance [TDA] was actually desperate to have former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, on board.

Rwomushana was yesterday appearing on NBS TV morning breeze alongside the ruling party’s Hon Robert Sebunya Kasule to discuss the TDA stalemate.

Sebunya said as the NRM, they want TDA to sort itself out so that when time for elections comes, they don’t have excuses.

“TDA is a very loose coalition and is likely to collapse anytime,” Sebunya prophesied.

“Do you expect Amama Mbabazi to cheer on Kizza Besigye or the other way round?”

He suggested that Norbert Mao and Gilbert Bukenya seem to be mere escorts in the TDA.

Rwomushana, on the other hand, said TDA is no longer about principles and beliefs, but now about individuals.

“TDA was desperate for Amama Mbabazi and people were begging him to join.”

Rwomushana however, warned opposition that they can’t dissemble President Museveni without dissembling the UPDF because the two are one.


The question of Mbabazi’s mammoth rallies also arose.

Sebunya said Amama Mbabazi was able to mobilise the Mbale and Soroti rallies with the help of the opposition. 

Speaking on Mbabazi’s maiden rally in Mbale, Rwomushana said claiming that Amama rented crowds “is a fake way of thinking because you can’t tag people to political parties as if they were cows”.‪

“President Museveni thinks people are so desperate to join the parliament under the NRM ticket,” Rwomushana said weeks back on the same television.

“The people of Bugisu have boldly dissented,” later wrote on social media, saying after Museveni established that the population of Uganda had dissented, he took two critical steps.

“Firstly he has appointed Lt Col Atwooki Ndahura Birakurataki as head Crime Intelligence. Crime preventers the new militia carries the same cover of crime intelligence.”

He said in essence Ndahura “is going to command and coordinate the said militia to rig the elections and after rigging the vote should Ugandans opt to refer to the Supreme Court for the said dispute resolution, to subvert Justice Mr Museveni has elevated Cadre Justices to the Supreme Court.”

NRM speaks

When Mbabazi travelled to Kapchorwa, he found a lesser crowd upon which the Presidential Assistant for Research, Morrison Rwakakamba, said the Mbale crowd had been borne out of curiosity.

“Mbabazi crowds will shrink after this curiosity translates in knowledge of the man who had chance and power to do something but didn’t and is now promising false hope and reverse forward,” Rwakakamba suggested.

Rwakakamba ruled Mbabazi out of the game saying the 2016 election would be about Museveni and Besigye where the incumbent would once more win.

Opposition fires back

The comment did not amuse opposition members including TDA spokesperson, Hon Wafula Oguttu.

“Morrison, from Harvard you need to write based on facts and figures not subjective wishes,” Oguttu stated.

“From the opinion polls, there are about 2.5m NRM members who will be voting for change not for Museveni. That leaves a balance of 7.5m so-called NRM voters about 30% of which are opposition members who registered in the yellow book for various opportunistic survival reasons. Those are the f and f on the ground take them or leave them,” Oguttu elaborated.

Rwakakamba then came out and asked the Electoral Commission not to “interfere with Mbabazi consultations”.

“Did Kizza Besigye request different form of consultations?” the presidential aide asked in reference to EC’s ban on Mbabazi rallies.

TDA and Mbabazi

Rwomushana says the “yellow NRM bird for change” [Mbabazi’s Go Forward Pro Change symbol] and a few other political groupings joined TDA as a platform to marshal all available energy and power to eject Museveni.

“Ofcourse the situational analysis is crystal clear that you would have to confront and dismantle the Museveni State machine.”

He says they have to first dismantle the army, police, intelligence and the Judiciary.

“The resolution therefore that No Elections without Reforms which is tantamount to a declaration of war comes in handy.”

He adds: “There is no way you fail a Museveni election without military effort. Ofcourse all these political groupings must be cognizant of this. The said position is the cogwheel on which TDA rotates.”

The analyst says this is the position on which Besigye campaigned and was elected and Mugisha Muntu who was for any election at any cost, lost.

“Therefore what should have occupied TDA was who would lead the effort in paralyzing Mr Museveni and not who would be a flag bearer. There is no space for anyone to carry the Flag. These quasi liberation leaders are obsessed with what share of the cake each one of them will eat.”

He says the alliance doesn’t seem prepared to sacrifice life first in order to trigger an “avalanche against Museveni”.

“Besigye pressed Muntu on the commitment to TDA. It can’t be Besigye to moblise youths as a cover to run away from TDA. It thus becomes crystal clear that the struggle Besigye indulges in is not about Uganda but self.”

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