Rwomushana: Saleh, Sudhir, China finish off Uganda land


Museveni and tycoon Sudhir

Tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia is dominating debates after it emerged that he was given Namulonge land to establish a flower estate.

It also emerged that the said land is owned by a prominent family and Church of Uganda, making Sudhir’s dealings with government illegal.

This is what Rwomushana says:

The concern of Peter Kibazo and a host of other Folks and Foes in the current wave of public land grabbing is the preservation of indigenous crop species.

Ofcourse our peasants now must depend on the mafia for the provision of seeds.

This is a genocide of our population who have been dehumanised as to sell a vote for beer…

My concern nevertheless is the preservation of indigenous population.

The mafia embedded in the neo-colonial forces employing corporate forces such as NRA (refer to the relationship between NRA and Lonro…the former owner of Toyota Uganda) as an agent looks forward to occupying Africa’s land since it constitutes close to 60% of the World’s arable land and probably as a source of fresh water.

In the near future Africa should be able to feed more than 50% of the World population.

In this grand scheme, the mafia crave to eliminate the indigenous African population and seize our rich land and climate.

Most of the indigenous population in the former Luweero war zones was wiped out and their surviving grand children now operate Boda Bodas in the trading Centers.

They are dispossessed in all aspects.

My fellow Ugandans ask not what land belonging to co-operative societies that General Saleh [Salim Saleh-Museveni’s brother] grabbed but rather what land belonging to Co-operatives hasn’t General Saleh grabbed.

Apparently China has a crisis of the quality of their breathing air owing to industrial pollution.

Most of their industries have a lot of deadly toxic waste.

China has a crisis of disposing off their industrial toxic waste.

Recently a store of toxic waste exploded resulting in mayhem.

While we sleep, China has entered deals to transfer some of those industries here and specifically the Kyankwanzi area.

In Mukono sector indications are Chinese factories are harming the environment and the population health is increasingly getting compromised.

Therefore whereas the craze is for grabbing land ostensibly for modern farming, I tell you, its cover to dispose off deadly toxic material of affluent industrial world.

These heartless business beasts will be reaping cash in terms of rent for such toxic staff.

Charles Rwomushana, the author, is a former head of political intelligence desk in State House

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