Rwomushana: Rwabwogo is a tiny bull in kraal


Odrek Rwabwogo, listens to the opposition MP, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, during one of the many moments when the two were taking turns to get on each others’ nerves. (PHOTO: Timothy Kalyegira/Kampala Express)

I agree in total with Maj General Kahinda Otafiire (minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs).

Odrek Rwabwogo [President Yoweri Museveni’s son in-law] does not know the NRA ideology.

The NRA ideology is premised on military occupation and domination, eliminate the indigenous population (they call wanainchi because the NRA know they are not wanainchi) through mass murder, destroy their history, culture, economy and de-posses them of their land.

That is why where NRA has operated has left mass graves to say the least.

The land so captured and the humans in that land who will have been reduced to objects shall be ruled by the off-springs read grandchildren of the NRA ideologues.

In Rwabwogo, Mr Museveni wanted a grandchild to whom power shall be handed to rule an object in Rwomushana Charles grandchild.

Odrek Rwabwogo is merely a Kanumi (the aka bull) in the kraal and his only tool as the custodian of the Sperm for that Sperm isn’t manufactured in any factory.

Otherwise Rwabwogo would have been eating dust with me on the streets.

His rival Matayo Kyarigonza [NRM deputy chairperson for Western Uganda] in the said Kraal is merely a tool, like a wheel barrow and or hoe.

This disorientated Otafiire ought to know how the Museveni Kraal dominates us.

Muhoozi Kainerugaba [first son] is in charge of military doctrine.

All the NRA who have a story to tell must pass it through him.

Mr Museveni is in charge of culture and history. He is redefining culture and languages. Kindly follow Katondozi-the Runyankole dictionary. His role is to rejuvenate the Cwezi Empire.

Minister Ephraim Kamuntu is in charge of all procurements of Oil, Dams and monitory matters.

Edwin Karugire [husband to Museveni’s daughter Natasha] is to destroy the Law Society and be in charge of Law and the Judiciary.

Rwabwogo’s wife [Patience] is in charge of religion and to rhyme with the Allen Kagina [UNRA executive director] group you must pay tithe in her Church. She will bless the water the Pope will use to wash his face.

Karugire’s wife is in Charge of the infants curricula, the books our infants read are either authored by her and or censored by her.

Rwabwogo is in charge of enterprise Uganda to indoctrinate our youths. You will not do business unless you have a Rwabwogo mark.

It could be Bihoogo or Gazzu [names of cows].

What has this empty tin in Kahinda Otafiire have to show?

What are we having in Kyarigonza kids?

They are just empty shells and or explosives without fuses.

Mr Museveni calls such Abasheema (not in Sheema but of Sheema), Abagyega…in English it is close to fools…

Where is the Kanyaryengwe of Rwanda?

Kahinda Otafiire is a shovel (ekitiiho) in the Kraal and soon you will hear him yell again on how he will create trouble, he will be given amaranga (water washed in milking cans) and he will relax.

With his ugly face, which NRA ideologue would risk a sperm from Kahinda’s son?

Actually Phillip Rukikaire [husband to Nina Mbabazi] made a mistake to cross-breed with Amama Mbabazi [presidential aspirant and former Prime Minister] and that’s why he ceased being a historical.

He was thus banished.

Both Kahinda, Kyarigonza and Rwabwogo are disposable.

In the last concluded Namboole NRA meet, the committee on ideology had only one element, the MP of Nyabushozi.

He is pure.

He cant seat with others who are filthy.

Even Rwabwogo couldn’t come closer to him.

Rwabwogo, my good friend, whom I appointed in my Guild Cabinet.

Whom our Needy squad elevated to Guild GRC.

Rwabwogo, then a non- resident student who was needy but was unable to openly associate with the needy cause naively think that his sperm elevates him to the ruling high table.

He is disposable and ought to go slow…

And as a used “ka-bull” in the Kraal, he could be destined to the next open market like Saddam Hussein in-laws.

Charles Rwomushana, the author, is the former head of political intelligence desk in State House. 

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