Rwomushana, police chief clash over crime preventers


Kampala Metropolitan Police Head of Community policing, ACP Anatoli Muleterwa

Charles Rwomushana, a former head of political intelligence desk in State House has weighed in on the matter of government training militias ahead of 2016 elections.

It has emerged that former Kiboko Squad and Kalangala Action Plan torture groups’ boss, Maj Roland Kakoza Mutale, is training new militias in Luweero jungles to terrorise opposition in 2016 general elections.

“When the State prepares to unleash violence on her own people,” points out Rwomushana in reference to the development, adding, “Honestly, President Yoweri Museveni has lost all legitimacy to govern Uganda and it’s the duty of men to chase him”.

Appearing on NBS TV Morning Breeze on Tuesday alongside Anatoli Muleterwa, the Kampala Metropolitan community Liaison Officer, Rwomushana, a Security Analyst, demistified the agenda behind the recruitment of crime preventers.

So far, Museveni has passed out 43,340 crime preventers from various places across the country.

Crime preventers, according to Rwomushana, are a political tool to the government citing an instance when they were ferried from Kampala to Gulu to demonstrate against Amama Mbabazi.

Muleterwa, on the other hand, says crime prevention is a right for everyone and voluntary and “no one is on the government pay roll”.‪

Rwomushana then asked him why crime preventers are clad in President Museveni shirts.

“It shows that they are partisan,” he insisted, but,  Muleterwa maintained the crime preventers were “undergoing basic training”.

“These are the same people who were used in 2010 to wallop people with sticks,” Rwomushana noted.

Rwomushana said the head of the crime preventers was giving orders to the regional police commander and he would obey.

He said the opposition was also mobilizing civilians as their own crime preventers.

Muleterwa informed him that crime preventers only work in their area of residence‪.

“Crime preventers aren’t an extension of the Uganda Police, but their work is an extension of police work,” Muleterwa argued, adding, “the crime preventers aren’t a militia.”

Rwomushana tasked his colleague to explain how the crime preventers going to stop the Kazindas of this country from stealing billions?

Geoffrey Kazinda is a former principal accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister who was arrested and jailed on 69 charges including; 18 charges of abuse of office, embezzlement, causing financial loss of more than Shs316 million and diversion of public resources.

Members of Parliament in a Tuesday debate said crime preventers will create more crime than prevent it come 2016 elections.

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