Rwomushana: Namayanja’s car was hit with projectile


Hon Rose Namayanja’s wreckage after an accident.

Im following the line that Ms Rose Namayanja’s car was hit with a moving projectile and the story of an accident is merely a cover up.

I have also put the wreckage of elf truck alleged to have been involved in a head on collision with Ms Rose Namayanja’s Landcruiser.

By Press time, information about the occupants of the elf wasn’t there.

The story and propaganda around the accident was oscillating between Monitor/ NTV and the Mr Museveni NRA/M wing.

The Story came up in the afternoon for an accident that appears to have been in the Morning. The source of the story interestingly is not the Mr Kayihura police.

Im yet to study how the other media, New Vision, nbs tv, Wbs tv, the Mighty Red Pepper etc covered the story and probably why the Museveni NRA/M machine chose not to indulge them if it indeed did that.

I have examined the elf wreckage in relation to the Namayanga Landcruiser wreckage and there is a huge mismatch.

I continue to reject the elf truck as the other car in the head on collision.

The Namayanja Land cruiser wreckage read together with the wreckage in which the Burundi President Nkuruziza General was assassinated with an RPG strike, the Namayanja Land cruiser wreckage bears the hallmarks of an RPG or anti-tank strike.

And not until the Mr Kayihura police provides a satisfactory story on this alleged accident, I will continue to pursue an assassination attempt on Ms Rose Namayanja and a Museveni NRA/M cover-up of the story.

“Conspiracy theory”

And that’s life.

You folks and Foes who want me to believe Ms Rose Namayanja’s incident was an accident, you who insult me for thinking outside the box;

You who dont question the immorality of not evacuating the alleged driver of elf to Nakasero hospital together with Ms Namayanja company;

You who dont question why New Vision and Bukedde are quiet on the story;
You who dont question why its Nduggu Rukunda that spins on Ms Namayanja and Police watches on;

You who dont appreciate that it ought to be Police to update the country on matters of road accidents and not a politician like Nduggu Rugunda;

You who dont interrogate why the photo Journalist had to be the Monitor one for other media houses to copy;

You who dont want to question why it took long for the country to be informed about the former Minister’s accident;

You who wouldnt bother to find out how she was evacuated from the scene;
You who wont ask why the number plate of the said elf is missing;

You who wouldnt want to rush on the scene to confirm where the windscreen of the elf poured…:

You feeble minded that desire to have me in your club…

You dont question why the loved ones of Ms Namayanja aren’t the ones who update us but Dr Mbonye, kindly note that, Im constantly suspicious about the NRA guerrillas and that between me and you, we will always look at things differently.

Charles Rwomushana, the author is a former head of political intelligence at State House

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