Rwomushana: Museveni taught Besigye violence


President Museveni (L) shaking hands with Kizza Besigye for the first time in 15 years

Political analyst, Charles Rwomushana, holds President Yoweri Museveni responsible for teaching FDC candidate, Kizza Besigye, violence.

Rwomushana was on Monday appearing on NBS TV morning breeze to analyse presidential candidates’ messages ahead of 2016 elections.

He noted that while Mbabazi was preaching a peaceful transition, Besigye was on the other hand, preaching defiance and non-compliance.

Their rival and incumbent Museveni said he can hand over power, but not to any of them.

“I am not surprised by Besigye’s message of defiance. He graduated out of the school of ‘violence’ in Luweero [where Museveni launched his liberation struggle],” Rwomushana pointed out.

Ever since he broke away from the ruling party in early 2000s, Besigye has been heading political activism which has seen many including himself being brutally arrested and hounded by police.

No signs of peaceful transition

Rwomushana accused the ruling party of orchestrating violence that saw its own primaries messed up alleging this was because incumbents never envisioned a loss.

“They [NRM] worked with EC to rig own primaries.”

He said the country, contrary to Mbabazi’s message, was not read for a peaceful hand over of power.

“Are soldiers ready for another Commander-in-Chief? Is opposition ready for power?”

He cited a case where NRM doesn’t attack Besigye who is preaching defiance but Mbabazi who is even facing hardship in securing venues.

Rwomushana alleged that in one incident, a sewage outlet near Mbabazi’s rally was let open, inconveniencing crowd.

“Why is NRM more critical of Mbabazi who is preaching peaceful transfer of power, other than Besigye?”

He said NRM needs to be aware of possibility of a loss noting that currently, they are working without accepting that possibility.

“You have people who are training more than a million militias aka ‘crime preventers’…these are signs of anxiety in NRM.”

“Whether on poster defacement, landing of branded NRM chopper and message of defiance, EC not responding strongly.”

He wondered what would have happened if Mbabazi supporters had attacked Henry Tumukunde after he landed in Fort Portal?

He said in Gulu, there was violence.

“Media isn’t covering it. The landing of NRM’s branded chopper is an act of violence.”


Rwomushana described politicians as businessmen saying that is why they are not shying away from making promises left, center and right.

“Candidates are not waking up voters to their responsibilities. We only see them making unexplained promises.”

He said there is a shift in what attracts people to rallies like the presence of singer Bebe Cool and food taking people to rallies and not to listen to issues.

Rwomushana said people should be seeking answers for underground messages such as the death of Noble Mayombo, Andrew Kayiira and others.

There is still debate surrounding the death of the two politicians.

“There’s need for a holistic approach to issues. Lack of sanitary pads is not the only reason girls are dropping out,” he hit at Museveni who is promising pads on his rallies.

“If a candidate raises an issue and solutions, they ought to explain it & also tell the public their responsibility.”



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