Rwomushana: Museveni foretold a coup that will make Janet President


Janet Museveni – First Lady


Charles Rwomushana, the former political intelligence desk chief at State House, says Uganda’s First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni, left elective politics as a strategy that will see her become the first ever female President of Uganda.

Rwomushana, a political analyst was appearing at NBS TV Morning Breeze programme alongside Hon Rhonah Ninsiima, Kabale Woman Member of Parliament, on Tuesday.

The First Lady announced retirement as Ruhama county Member of Parliament last Friday saying God had spoken to her not to stand again come 2016 general elections.

Rwomushana laughed off the claim that God spoke to the First Lady saying, “Jesus has no space in State House.”

Janet is known for being Godly and has on several occasions been seen pushing religious ideals and meeting highly placed people of God.

Yet, Rwomushana says “claims by Janet that God spoke to her are farfetched.”

“Janet is a clear representation of the struggle to survive and dominate,” he was loud and clear.

Allegations of coup and Janet take over as President

Rwomushana said the worst case scenario Ugandans should expect is if the calls of Kizza Besigye and Gen David Tinyefuza for no elections come to pass.

Besigye, a former FDC President and President Yoweri Museveni’s strongest opponent in three elections, is advocating for electoral reforms or else opposition won’t take part in 2016 elections.

Besigye argues that Museveni has already won the elections should the current Electoral Commission be left untouched; only and Independent Electoral Commission, according to him can hold free and fair elections where anyone who stands can win.

Gen Sejusa, a former coordinator of intelligence services in UPDF, on the other hand, says reforms won’t amount to anything because Museveni is way beyond reform.

He is advocating for dismantling the whole system which he describes as a dictatorship; he has been asking opposition to not only boycott but organise masses to disrupt 2016 elections as well.

Rwomushana says if this comes to pass, a military coup will staged “that will produce Janet as the leader”.

“President Museveni said that there would be a coup and in case it happens, then it is likely to be led by Janet, just to have everything remain within the family,” the former intelligence brain said.

Military coup impossible in Uganda?

Yet, army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, recently went on record saying a military coup was impossible in Uganda.

Ankunda was responding to remarks made by FDC President, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, who warned Museveni to beware as a coup that happened in Burundi could also take place here in Uganda.

“That is a very big joke,” Ankunda told NTV.

“Uganda is a different country at a different level of development in terms of institutions. I can tell you what happened in Burundi cannot happen in Uganda.”

While President Pierre Nkurunziza was attending an EAC Heads of State in Arusha Tanzania towards mid-May, a former intelligence chief, Maj Gen Godefroid Niyombare, staged a coup in the capital Bujumbura aimed at deposing the President but was later overpowered.

Ankunda says the Ugandan army is far too disciplined to engage in such.

The minister of International Relations, Hon Okello Oryem, also said what happened in Burundi was impossible in Uganda.

Janet the First Uganda Female President?

According to the analyst, Janet is headed for the topmost seat in the land.

Rwomushana who seems to understand State House and the highest office inside out says, “Janet is leaving but her departure is tactical because the first family is all about business”.

When Janet announced that she would not seek a re-election in 2016, political analysts were divided on what her next move was.

Some thought she was leaving politics for good but not for the former presidential candidate and People’s Development Party leader, Dr Abed Bwanika.

Speaking on the Saturday morning 88.8 CBS FM talk show, May 23, 2015, Bwanika said the exit was a move by the First Lady to seek the top seat come 2019.

By that time, President Museveni will be above 75 constitutional age limit, leaving Janet as a possible successor.

In his analysis, senior journalist and Kampala Express boss, Timothy Kalyegira, says “Janet Museveni today is, by most accounts, one of the most powerful and most feared people in Uganda, the aura of fear around her akin to that around President Paul Kagame of Rwanda”.

“She wields a degree of clout that goes far beyond that of an ordinary First Lady. Most staff at State House are much more afraid of her than even President Museveni,” Kalyegira added.

Kabale Woman MP, Rhonah, says Janet would make a good president

In her thinking, Kabale Woman MP, Hon Rhonah Ninsiima, says Janet has all the qualities of a good president and if that is her motive, she should go on. ‪

She said Janet has put Ruhaama at a level where the next MP will have difficulties to challenge and that much as the First Lady has decided to quit elective politics, she still continues to serve this country. ‪

“There is no amount of pressure that would take Janet out of Ruhaama but she has just done her best. ‪

Janet has not publically shared interests of seeking the top seat and she is on record for saying that she is no different from prior 1986 when her husband took power, only that the public viewed her differently.

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