Rwomushana: Mbabazi is like Lucifer from heaven


Mbabazi and wife Jacqueline receive gifts at their Kololo home from Mbabazi Western Brigade members


Former head of intelligence desk in State House, Charles Rwomushana, has cautioned Ugandan leaders to pick a leaf from Burundi protests that seek to block President Pierre Nkurunziza’s third term in office.

“A country where there are no protests, it means the state is repressive but not that people are not bothered,” Rwomushana, a political analyst, was appearing on NBS TV Morning Breeze last week.

Appearing alongside Mary Mutesi, a political analyst (NRM), Rwomushana was discussing the relevance of Burundi uprising to Uganda, the new constitution amendments and the party cash bonanza.

“Burundi’s protests have been so deadly, registering big numbers of deaths but now that the death toll is at 7, then there is progress.”

Apart from pushing for free and fair elections, Burundians also expected Nkurunziza to respect the Arusha Accord and leave power after two terms so other people can also lead.

Rwomushana says Uganda is no different from Burundi considering that opposition members have been pushing for electoral reforms to no avail.

“Those who have been calling for electoral reforms are agents of Museveni because whenever reforms are made, they favour Museveni,” he stated.

“Things are just worse, whereas in the NRM they don’t have a national register, the army has got ghosts.”

He said it “does not make any difference to allow the judicial Commission to appoint the Electoral Commission tribunal because the Judicial Commission is appointed by the very president, Museveni”.

“We have not been having any elections in this country but instead a coronation because you cannot have elections organised by NRM to remove NRM.”

Rwomushana clarified that it was impossible to talk about free and fair elections provided such elections intend to uproot president Museveni.

Commenting on former coordinator of intelligence services, Gen David Sejusa’s current political campaign, Rwomushana said: “Sejusa is not alone, there is a power that landed him on the ground and there is a force around him that is guiding his actions”.

Sejusa is currently wooing opposition political parties to work with him and remove Museveni from power.

The Forum for Democratic Change, however, refused to work with him saying he was still an active and serving army officer.

According to Rwomushana, there is no opposition in Uganda in any case without Kizza Besigye.

“What Mugisha Muntu took over was just a shell,” he said, suggesting that with Besigye out of the picture, opposition may not achieve much.

As for the case of former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, who is expected to challenge Museveni in the 2016 general elections, Rwomushana expressed skepticism.

“Mbabazi is like Lucifer from heaven whose angels are yet to stage a war against God.”

According to Bible stories, Lucifer aka Satan rebels against his Lord God but doesn’t succeed and is instead banished from heaven and sent to the underworld.


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