Rwomushana: Kagame, Muntu were NRA’s killing machines


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni pinning on Rwandan President Paul Kagame a medal for his contribution in the 5 year NRA/M Bush war. PHOTO |DAILY MONITOR

I heard that its only 10 people in Rwanda who are opposed to president Kagame’s games.

Certainly the notion of term limits in constitutional instruments is meant to protect the ten sane from a huge mass of the insane.

Rwanda’s case is not different from Uganda’s.

These are traumatized countries under NRA occupation.

The NRA had two machines, one to do politics and the other to kill and decimate opposition.

The likes of Col Kiiza Besigye, Col Amanya Mushega etc were part of the political machine while the likes of Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu and Paul Kagame were the killer machines embedded in NRA CMI.

Actually in Uganda, Gen Kagame was nicknamed Pilato of the Bible.

Indications are that the burning of human beings in Mukula was supervised by the NRA wing of the Kagame’s.

Rwanda witnessed mass murder unparalleled in recent history.

This machine was alien to democracy and freedom of choice.

So in Rwanda and Uganda you are not dealing with ground where freedom of choice is possible.

Not at all.

In that tweeter message president Kagame is celebrating the British Court decision not to extradite his officer to stand trial in Spain over mass murder of Africans.

Mass murder of Fellow Africans.

The British court decision was the charges were not the extraditable ones.

It does not mean the Kagame machine was cleared of mass murder of Africans.

Not at all.

One of president Kagame’s body guards was kidnapped to Rwanda by Uganda Police without due process.

President Kagame celebrates judicial decisions in his favour when he is himself alien to and an enemy of Justice.

You were all around to see how people celebrated in Goma over the rumours of the demise of president Kagame.

Certainly issues like legacy are redpepper rubbed in Kagame’s eyes.

The people of Rwanda and Uganda are spiritually paralyzed.

They suffer from a broken spirit and will.

People smile at these aliens of the likes of Kagame and Museveni. (.aliens of oba which kind of hell,) not out of love and affection but intense fear.

If these aliens are not the beats I read in the Revelations of the Bible that will certainly burn in God’s sulpher then I would pray to God to reveal to me any other beasts worse than these aliens.

Folks, we dont need Spain to help Africa have these aliens face Justice.

That is an indictment against Africa.

As Africans we have the capacity to smash these beasts and cleanse our Ancestors land.

We can do it.

And we will surely do it.

Let us sacrifice our lives for Africa’s dignity.

I saw slain women and kids tied on their backs floating on river Kagera into Lake Victoria.

If my life would suffice to avenge those innocents then it’s freely available.

Im confident these Alien Beasts souls have listened to my sentiment.

And to you my Loving God, may these beasts never benefit from the mercies of Jesus Christ and if I was to go to hell may God reserve for them another hell of sulpher so that I don’t have to burn with them in eternity.

Charles Rwomushana, the author, is a former head of political intelligence desk in State House

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