Rwomushana: I warned Byandala, Cheeye on Janet Museveni


Charles Rwomushana, political analyst, converses with the host Peter Kibazo and a WBS TV camera man half an hour before the start of the Friday night talk show “Face Off”, July 17, 2015. (PHOTO: Timothy Kalyegira/Kampala Express)

Folks and Foes, yesterday on Gassimbagane program on radio Simba moderated by Mr Peter Kibazo, we tackled the corruption in the NRM infrastructure craze and the arrest of Mr Byandara.

I had the opportunity of a conversation with Mr Byandara before his arrest.

Byandara‘s contact had wanted Byandara’s point of view come out to the wider public.

I was eager to pick his side of the story.

We briefly met at Rider Hotel in Seeta.

Mr Byandara was really over-joyous for according to him, having put Amama Mbabazi on the scene of crime on the Katosi road saga, Byandara had assurances from President Museveni all was well.

I told Mr Byandara if he had brought himself on the scene of crime, he would end in Luziira.

I also had a conversation with Mr Cheeye Teedy before his conviction that as long as he wrote in his Uganda Confidential magazine that Hon Janet Museveni had killed Kagondoki he would be destined for either the grave and or Luzira. He is in Luziira.

My good friend Hon Mike Mukula averred that more juicy jobs were a preserve for the Dinkas of Nyabushozi and dreamt standing for presidency.

Hon Mukula will never think about it again.

In the current drama you of course need Allen Kagina and this anti- Lukwago KCCA commission Judge to ensure that the “right and appropriate people” in the UNRA fraud do not to face the UNRA commission.

You will never know the beneficiaries of the public service pension bonanza.


Folks, in the Kraal setting you have the cattle keeper ( Omulalo), the milking cow, the calf, the dog and wolves.

After milking, the cow feces( Amasha) are put on the tits of the cow’s udder to stop the calf stealing the milk during the day as they graze.

The calf grazes with the mother.

The dog is around too to protect the calf from wolves.

Calves have the habit of stealing the milk by suckling should the Amasha on the udder tits reduce.

When that happens the Omulalo puts up with the calf and considers that as a loss.

The calf is never reprimanded and or beaten.

The dog must not emulate the calf and suckle the udder for milk.

If the dog does that it must be killed.

When the calf defecates in the Kraal, its feces ( Amasha) are collected for her by the Omularo and without gloves.

But should the dog defecate anywhere in the Kraal, it’s beaten and or forced to eat its refuse.

Interestingly, calf feces can be put on the udder tits to stop the theft of milk but not the dog feces.

When the calf has flees, Omulalo buys chemicals to kill the flees but the dog must use its own teeth to kill flees.

When the calf is injured there is a doctor in IHK but the dog must leak own wound in Mulago.

Come supper time:

The Omularo takes milk tea and with sugar, the calf suckles after milking the cow.

The dog waits for the unpeeled potatoes and any food left overs and bones.

The water used to wash the milking cans known as amaranga is given to the dog as evening tea.

Come night, the Omularo goes to sleep and so are the cow and calf.

The dog must stay awake to protect the cow and calf from wolves and to provide Omularo with intelligence on any infiltration.

Ofcourse, the dog needs big numbers to fight wolves and unlike the cow that gives birth to a singular calf, the dog produces several puppies and I tell you, the sole Mularo throws such puppies away even when they are not sick.

All those from Luwero, Kiddu Makubuya, Bumba and now Byandara etc who dared at the real milk have danced the music.

Actually, the Kagina net in UNRA has picked Mbuta from Buganda.

The Kagina UNRA net can’t get the likes of Brig Mugyenyi and Eng Nansasira.

Not at all.

Now that the Sole candidate Mularo vows not to let in the Kanungu Wolf in the Kraal, the moment of truth has come either to see the unconscious dog on Amalanga ever vigilant to confront the wolf and or to see a conscious dog on amaranga sleep and let everybody for himself and God for us all.

Or is it time for the Dog to do a deal with the Wolf and eat the Calf?

Charles Rwomushana, the author is a former chief of poitical intelligence desk in State House

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