Rwomushana: FDC plots with NRM to ruin Mbabazi


Besigye and Mafabi

I learn a few things from the submissions of my good friend Mr Nandala Mafabi whilst he appeared on NBS TV Morning Breeze program.

That Mr Nandara Mafabi was heading to the east to demobilize Amama Go Forward networks and that FDC networks are under orders not to mobilize for Amama Go Forward.

In essence another “TDA” alliance between Mr Museveni NRM and FDC to fight Amama Go Forward is launched and deployed.

I also learn that their point of departure with Amama Go Forward is Amama’s refusal to reveal his networks and structures.

Ofcourse Mr Kibanzanga part of the FDC overt structure is no more.

Why would an obviously Museveni infiltrated FDC want Amama to disclose his covert assets for Mr Museveni to devour?

Amama claimed in TDA Mr Mafabi and other FDC networks were partly his Go Forward team.

Mr Mafabi concedes to this fact when he avers Amama got crowds in Bugisu owing to FDC networks. Under what protocol did FDC networks work for Amama Go Forward?

The other hot issue, which, in my view broke the camel’s back, was to do with money.

They sought to know how much money Amama was putting on the table and I think who would manage it.

Amama Go Forward strength apparently lies in cash and more especially in relation to the facilitation of parliamentary and other lower local council candidates.

This appears to be the greatest threat facing FDC that may eventually see FDC decimated.

Those defecting from Museveni, FDC and DP look to Amama for campaign financing.

If Amama succeeds in arousing the masses in the greater North, West Nile and Central Buganda that may herald the demise of FDC. Apparently FDC appears cash trapped and may not take off in the short run.

That may explain the reason why they still want to have a conversation with Amama Go Forward.

Also to note is that Mr Muntu the FDC president is at variance with Mr Mafabi.

Unlike Mafabi, Muntu supports both Amama and Besigye an indication of a deep rooted division.

In the meantime Mr Museveni beams with a smile as the FDC attack dogs devour Amama’s Go Forward.

Charles Rwomushana, the author, is a former head of political intelligence desk at State House

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