Rwomushana blames Media for Museveni overstay, Besigye wings


Political analyst Charles Rwomushana has heaped blame on Ugandan media for President Yoweri Museveni’s overstay in power and opposition leader Kizza Besigye’s continued domination of politics.

“Ofcourse you media promote the NRA occupation….and the agenda 50 years plus,” Rwomushana who was once the head of the political intelligence desk at State House says.

He was angered by an article published in Daily Monitor titled: ”Why Museveni, Besigye keep ahead of their rivals” in which it was claimed that “the next round of elections is over four years ahead, but the hyperactivity in which President Museveni and his nemesis Kizza Besigye are involved would lead one to imagine the 2016 election is not yet over”.

Monitor suggested that Museveni and Besigye have kept ahead of rivals and that this is a theory President Museveni seems to understand very well.

“He has been a feature in Uganda’s politics since the early 1970s when he declared war against Idi Amin’s government. But in addition to never resting as far as canvassing for support is concerned, Museveni is ever so keen to deny his opponents opportunities to meet with voters,” Monitor wrote.

In response, Rwomushana said: “You Daily Monitor do a research and analyse how much space you have given to Museveni and Besigye compared to other political actors. Even this piece is propaganda in itself.”

He added: “Ofcourse as a paper you make money and headlines out of political drama…but that mode of politics cements the NRA occupation. Do a study and see how the other international media balance issues.”

According to him, if former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi lost an election and was rigged in the court process, what else does Monitor want him to do to attract their headlines?

“By the way I’m aware of an operation to keep some actors out of the media by the NRA occupation and it’s Siraj who did the study. I put it to you Monitor, you have been targets too.”
He accused the paper of demonising Kampala minister Betty Kamya-Turwomwe and making Besigye a saint.

“Who hasn’t worked with Museveni NRA occupation, who has not called him a demon and who hasn’t called him a saint? If you indeed promote principles then track and promote Ziritwawura who opposed the NRA occupation extension without elections. You don’t. You instead seek out Kanyeihamba who moved a motion to extend the NRA occupation without the election.”

He accused the paper of promoting Hon Wafula Oguttu, Winnie Byanyima and Miria Matembe yet they baby-sat the NRA occupation.

“Those Betty Kamya-Turwomwe took back to Museveni and are now eating in silence you keep mum but you are on Betty. Ofcourse in monitor was Don Wanyama to execute Museveni NRA occupation operations and there are still many a Don Wanyama and Chris Obore inside there.
You attack Betty Kamya-Turwomwe but are soft with Chris Obore. Aren’t you doing business with Andrew Mwenda with your KFM radio?”

He suggested that media can do better by supporting “the new agenda for National Liberation against the NRA occupation”.

He cited the case of young men who are so far using pigs to assault the NRA occupation…”better equipment and technology will be deployed too. Focus on those and negate those liars with empty rhetoric of defiance”.

Rwomushana describes NRA occupation as one stealing from the treasury money meant to provide social services to the public and donating it to political actors to buy waragi for peasants.

He was referring to an article by The Observer in which President Museveni gave Shs100m to a ghost savings and credit cooperative (Sacco) at Mulago Kubbiri and eight car washing pumps not formally registered.

“You steal money meant to build roads you donate it to churches to comfort corrupt religious leaders,” Rwomushana wrote.

He said such only happens when government institutions have collapsed.
“How can Head of State donate to a ghost association? Ofcourse such a huge sum should have been wired through a financial institution.”

He added: “Uncle [Museveni] really runs a country like a real medieval kraal devoid of any science. ..really? You borrow money from World Bank to play mweso with it? Does this country have owners?

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