Rwomushana: Besigye gangs pathetic, sickening


Former FDC president Kiiza Besigye

Political analyst, Charles Rwomushana, says FDC politician, Kizza Besigye’s behaviour in The Democratic Alliance [TDA] is quite “pathetic and sickening”.

“I have several Facebook friends who are Dr Besigye’s die-hard. To them the life ends with the absence of Besigye on the Ballot paper. I really have no problem with that,” Rwomushana wrote in a social media message.

This is in relation to the actions involving Besigye that frustrated TDA’s efforts to pick a joint candidate three times between himself and former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi.

During the Bugolobi summit, a gang of FDC youth stormed the venue and pulled Besigye out demanding that he leaves the alliance.

MP Beatrice Anywar and former Ethics minister, Miria Matembe, condemned the act as inappropriate and selfish.

“These hooligans with whom Besigye walked out of TDA dialogue indicate the caliber of a leader that Besigye is,” Rwomushana noted.

“It’s pathetic. It’s sickening.”

“These Besigyeists, do they want to make us believe Odonga Otto who pulled out Besigye from TDA is more sober than Mr Wafula Oguttu and Mr Nandara Mafabi who are engaged in dialogue with the other leaders in TDA?”

Before the alliance collapsed last evening after rejecting Mbabazi during to a long history of corruption, Rwomushana had recommended that Besigye and FDC get out of TDA so the world could move on.

“It’s Dr Besigye who hit hard Mr Mugisha Muntu on his commitment to TDA. Mugisha- Muntu made that fatal mistake of telling the truth; the truth that he would push for a review.”

He said it was Besigye gangsters that mobbed Muntu into that decision and the rest is history.

“To the Besigye gangs TDA is a wonderful idea only when it endorses Mr Besigye. And I indeed have no problem with that. My problem however is they are all over Social media, walk ways, toilets etc, quarrelling over TDA.”

Rwomushana demanded to know who was forcing Besigye into TDA suggesting that he pulls out of TDA and “we see if Uganda will cease to exist”.

“Most of your FDC leaders are attending TDA structures, why don’t you give them space to do their work save if you think they are stupid.”

As for Besigye operatives, Rwomushana said, the gang has managed to divert “the country from that critical debate of the murder of a minister”.

“This notion of Besigye and his gangs of demonizing who ever dissents against them is archaic and must stop.”

According to the critic, if Besigye and gang can’t let dialogue resolve this simple contradiction how about if what if they were handling a complex issue of the likes of Syria, Yemen and or South Sudan?

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