Rwandan soldiers rape 80 Congo women  


Rwandan Soldiers jump off military truck


The people of Moanda town in Bas-Congo were last week forced to rise against the raping of 80 women in one night by Rwandan soldiers.

The rape occurred on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, April 23, 2015.

“These mass rapes were committed by Rwandan soldiers in uniform FARDC,” said Candide OKEKE, a representative from Alliance of Patriots for the Refoundation of Congo (APARECO).

He adds: “The rebellious people fighting with knives for 9 o’clock…against the military aggressors.”

The APARECO called on all the Congolese people within the country and the Diaspora to provide support to abused populations of Moanda against the “barbarism of the occupation and predation forces (Rwandan troops)”.

Candide said this new aggression on Congolese women by Rwandan soldiers in a province located near the capital and the context in which this was orchestrated provocation should encourage the Congolese people to the utmost vigilance.

Indeed, it is suitable for everyone to remember that these atrocities are perpetrated only days after members of the Tutsi-power installed in Kinshasa have secretly decided to evacuate their families to bring them “to shelter”.

“The sound of boots which are intensified in the wake in the east of the DRC are not incidental to the share of these genocidal criminals occupants, past masters in the art of manipulation and rampant impunity in African Great Lakes region for over two decades.”

“But there is a time for everything, a time to plant and another to reap … EYE Patriot continues to follow the situation closely not fail to inform about the real Congolese below this new barbarism.”

According to the report, there is a continual assassination operated by men in uniforms, with the last three victims being murdered last week at the office of the chief of the territory, demanding the departure of the local military commander known by the name of Mustafa.

Information Minister, Lambert Mende, told BCC on Thursday morning that Rwandan soldiers had been seen crossing the border to Rutshuru in the Eastern part of the country.

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