Rwanda opposition cheers Museveni 5th term


On my own behalf and my Party’s, the Rwandan People’s Party (RPP), I want to congratulate you, Mr President sincerely on your re-election for the Fifth term for the office of President of the Republic of Uganda.

I most warmly wish you every success in the conduct of your high office. On the 18th of February, the Uganda people exercised their right under the constitution to elect their President.

On the 20th February, the Uganda Electoral Commission, which is the only authorised and legitimate body to organise, supervises elections announced Mr Museveni as the ultimate winner of the 2016 presidential elections.

This has been made possible by the prevailing prosperity, stability and continuity provided by you as President. Mr President, you have brought peace to the country and you have won the admiration of many in Africa and abroad. Uganda was like Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Syria and Libya before the NRA assumed power in 1986 and restored the rule of law and order in Uganda.

Before then, almost 65% of Kampala city were in a no-go zone, as a result of the lawlessness that was gripping the whole city and the country. In a radically changing world and in the face of the problems we are confronting, your Presidencies are an example of how to bring stability and progress to a country.

President Museveni now that you have another democratic mandate, we humbly ask you to continue working to give Uganda and the East African Region a better future.

Most respectfully, we suggest that this should include your tireless commitment to speeding up the establishment of the East African Confederation. This is because East African nations need to come together for the benefit of their peoples.

This is very important for many reasons, especially for job creation and to increase regional household income. The EA will also promote stability in the region.

The RPP believes that you, Mr President and your new government’s priority is to support the implementation of the South Sudan Transitional Government of Unity, to ensure peace and stability in that country.

There is also an urgent need for your government to support the people of Burundi to enable them to reach a political consensus in order to stop the ongoing killings in that country and it has become a slaughterhouse.

Of course, only the Burundians themselves can bring a sustainable peace and stability to their own country. However, the support of you, President Museveni and other leaders is necessary to help the Burundians, resolve their nation’s problems.

The RPP also expects the new Ugandan government to do all it can, to speed up the withdrawal of the African Union from the Cotonou Agreement, especially the statues and clauses in relation to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and other provisions on international cooperation that are flagrantly harming the interests of Africans and limiting their sovereignty.

President Museveni, Uganda and Rwanda have always been one people, united by a common history and culture that has bonded us together in both times of joy and sorrow. Ugandans and Rwandans are brothers, sisters, parents, inlaws and good neighbours dating back from at least 1866.

Uganda also stood with Rwandans in our time of the captivity in exile when our fellow countrymen in Rwanda had rejected us.

Uganda stood with us when we needed their support, at our darkest moments, they accompanied us our long and painful, but ultimately a joyful journey that brought us back to the Promised Land. Even when we reached home, Uganda and Rwanda never turned their backs against each other.

Uganda is the only country that shared our sorrow and fears and helped to dry Rwandan tears, during the infamous 100 days of genocide, when the Habyarimana’s soldiers and their allied militias (Interahamwe) turned Rwanda into a graveyard while the international community was watching these gruesome atrocities on their TVs in their comfortable homes.

Twenty-two years after the rebirth of Rwanda, Uganda and Rwanda are still bonded by a common history. It is my hope and my party’s strong conviction, that the current and strong fraternal relations between Uganda and Rwanda will grow even closer during the Fifth term of your Presidency.

Despite the progress, Mr. President Museveni, 22 years later, Rwanda, still has the largest number of refugees still in exile. I would wish you in your Fifth term in office to eradicate the endemic problem of refugees in East Africa.

President Museveni, allow me to remind you that you were a refugee in many countries in Africa (including Tanzania and Mozambique) because of your role as a freedom fighter, and briefly in Sweden where you joined Mama Janet and children at Moheda in Sweden.

This is the same refugee reception centre where I personally ended up after your government had deported me to Sweden on 28 Dec 1986.

The deportation was on the basis of a ‘persona non-grata’ order that was issued by the Office of the President signed and executed by my then best friend, the late Eriya Kategaya – may soul Rest in Peace. President Kagame and I both were refugees in Burundi and Uganda.

I personally was also a refugee in Tanzania and Kenya and the UK. In the UK, it is where I found that even the founding father of the Republic of Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kinyatta, was also once a refuge in the UK, because I lived and am still living opposite to the house, where he lived in Cambridge Street.

Mr. President Museveni, when I talk about the question of the impact of being a refugee, I believe you do clearly understand, what I mean, since you, yourself, were once a refugee and so too were President Kagame, President Kenyatta and President Kiir.

I, therefore, humbly ask you, President Museveni in your new term in Office to deal with the problems that cause refugees in East Africa. East Africa needs to be free from all sorts of social, political and economic refugees, so as to embark on regional social, political and economic emancipation.

Mr President Museveni, please, once again accept our sincere thanks in advance in relation to the contentious issue of refugees’ in the East Africa and the Great Lakes of Region.

On my behalf and that of my party, the Rwandan People’s Party (RPP), we will continue to support you as President, your party and the people of Uganda’s endeavours. My party and I believe that we can play a constructive role in the region and cement further and deeper, the already unshakable bilateral relations between Rwanda and Uganda.

The RPP shares many of the aims of you and your party the NRM, and we believe that we can work together in a partnership to enhance peace and security and as well as regional social, political and economic emancipation.

I again offer you, President Museveni, our highest regard and best wishes. Once again, I would like to offer my own and my party’s congratulations on your re-election for your Fifth term as President of the Republic of Uganda.

May God bless Uganda.

John V Karuranga, President Rwanda People’s Party (RPP) Twitter @rppimvura Skype: John.Karuranga

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