Rwakakamba: Besigye is right -Mbabazi is late and not ready



Well, I repeatedly watched Hon. Amama Mbabazi declaration for President.

I congratulate him on emerging from the shadows after a long span of whispers.

I also commend and salute him for coming forward to exercise his right as a citizen and importantly offering to lead Uganda. This is a spirit of public service.

Two things. One; The early youtube video of Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba, PhD. takes away the would have been savvy surprise- but that is besides the point.

Second is that Kizza Besigye  is clearly right. Amama Mbabazi  is late and yet not ready.

Big Question: Will Hon. Amama Mbabazi breath new life in governance of Uganda as he claims in his declaration video?

Answer: Hon.  Amama Mbabazi is not new and is clearly at the heart of mosaic that images what is working and what is failing in Uganda today. Except that as a lawyer and Prime Minister, he was more eloquent in vending and defending a particular law that scales down democratic gains in Uganda.

Beyond the wiretapping, phone taping, triangulation and other legislations; as a salesman of Public Order Management Bill (now law), certainly Amama Mbabazi is not a paragon of democracy.

I look forward to a process that will strike down that law, allowing freedoms to debate and organise in this Country leap skyward.

Beyond  Amama Mbabazi, President Museveni is working to strengthen a new and vibrant generation (facebookers, innovators, tweeps, agile managers, imaginative leaders and pan Africanists) to navigate 21 Century challenges and take Uganda on a quantum leap into the 1st World.

A new generation will create   and expand new and rewarding  jobs, a competitive knowledge economy driven by human skills; and broadly expand prosperity anchored on justice, security, equality, strategic international relations  and self determination I join others to thank Hon. Amama Mbabazi for his service to this Country. Like he attests, we have come from too far. But we are on a forward march going forward.

He has his place in history of this land. Uganda’s Bibilcal Moses (President Yoweri Museveni) is still leading and in charge. A Joshua will come in the coming years (God will illuminate to us Joshua) on this journey to deliver Uganda to the promised land.

Let’s  endure. But going forward, NRM will focus on expanding its bandwidth to yet again defeat Col. Kizza Besigye, who as scientific polls have demonstrated consistently commands some sort of following that is worth attention of NRM strategists, cadres, and operatives.

Morrison Rwakakamba

HIID merit scholar of the Edward S. Mason Program in Public Policy Management at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

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