Ruhindi tipped for Musisi job


The appointing authority is in the process of naming Attorney General Fred Ruhindi, the new executive director of Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA].

Although President Yoweri Museveni has been praising the current ED Jennifer Musisi, she is now blamed for disenfranchising Kampala and turning the population more hostile than before.

During the 2016 general elections, opposition trounced the NRM government at the national level and the divisional levels.

The ruling party lost all the MP and mayoral seats in the five municipalities of Kampala either to Platform for Truth and Justice (PTJ), a Democratic Party (DP) pressure group led by the re-elected Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago or Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party.

Musisi is partly to blame for this hostility by Kampala dwellers towards government.

Apart from her PR stunts in the media seemingly opening various projects, a lot of dubious deals have swept the central tower than never before.

It was discovered that the various markets built in Kampala were highly overrated by the KCCA making government pay more monies than the actual valued cost.

Such a market was the Kawempe market whose cost was later found out to be exorbitant.

A source says the Auditor General has published various reports showing a lot of dirt at KCCA including lack of accountability of census monies within Kampala.

It is said that Musisi refused to allow divisions to have their own bank accounts with the intention of controlling their funds.

She miserably failed at his and as a result, a lot of cash disappeared without a trace.

Musisi came up with a central account curtailing activities of divisions since they didn’t have their own budgets.

The source notes that during this year’s census, for example, government couldn’t credit money to divisions because they didn’t have bank accounts.

As such, money was being carried in car trunks and bags to pay employees who were involved in the exercise.

“A lot of money went missing in the process.”

As we learnt, Musisi has been spending her days at City Hall hosting friends and fashionistas.

“She has been spending her time in showbiz with friends and admirers. She was doing nothing at work apart from showing off her latest clothes and shoes to friends.”

The only working departments at KCCA are the infrastructure, finance, and administration departments that are run by planners.

Musisi only commissions roads, a job that should be reserved for the Kampala minister, Frank Tumwebaze.

All these reports were reaching her boss resulting into a mega fallout.

Musisi had even retired herself at some point but was recalled to work until a solution can be found for her predicament.

She even had stories written about how was searching for an international job in a move to intimidate her boss into not sacking her.

Museveni’s brother Gen Salim Saleh at one point stepped in to end the friction.

Saleh apparently reconciled Musisi with many of her adversaries but could not save her from an unceremonious exit.

When KCCA was celebrating five years early in the year, Musisi said she wanted to retire very badly.

According to the latest development, AG Ruhindi will be replacing her at the authority.

Ruhindi is preferred for his loyalty and his sold stand against Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

It is Ruhindi who is giving Lukwago a bloody nose, curbing his wings and preventing him from accessing the mayoral office at City Hall.

Ruhindi is thus being considered for the job since he also lost an MP seat to an opposition FDC member, Michael Kabaziguruka.Musisi

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