Rwanda opposition leader slams Orlando shootings


Today, we join millions of Americans and other peace-loving people around the world in condemning unreservedly, the deadly terrorist attack, on the Pulse GBT Dance Club, in Orlando, Florida in which 50 innocent lives were callously taken and many others were left seriously injured.

My party, the Rwanda People’s Party (RPP), and I wish to send our
deepest condolences, to the government of the United States of America, the families and relatives of the victims and the American people.

Our prayers are with them at this difficult time. The RPP also wishes to express solidarity with the United States’ and the
global LGBT community.

The terrorist attacked not only the LGBT community in Orlando, but the LGBT community around the world.

We strongly and unequivocally condemn this brutal and senseless attack on innocent people.

The RPP is committed to a policy of unambiguously, condemning terrorism in the strongest term and seeks to rally the international community against terrorism, which is a global phenomenon and its brutality has no boundaries.

My party and I have always and will continue to encourage the international community to come together to fight global terror, its conduits, and its root causes, as the only viable solution to the problem
of terrorism and to protect global civilisation.

There is no doubt that the horrors of terrorism have changed our way of life, how we conduct our daily business and the way we interact with one another. We now live in a total state of fear.

This must totally be rejected if we are not to be the subjects of the terrorists.

It is a great challenge for every global leader to work together to defeat the terrorists.

The world has the ability to defeat them militarily; we have the necessary resources, personnel and the weaponry.

We believe the greatest challenge faced by the community
of democratic and peace-loving leaders is not how to defeat terrorism, but rather to ensure that they cooperate together and overcome their apparent indifference concerning terrorism around the world.

The response to the terrorist threat has been uneven and half-hearted at best.

The western leaders are willing to condemn the terrorist attacks in their own backyard, but are indifferent to the daily atrocities in the
Middle East and in parts of Africa.

The RPP encourages the west to condemn all terrorist attacks and to support the victims, no matter where they are in the world.

The RPP believes that many government leaders are merely happy to make statements and are unwilling to take any concrete action in response to terror.

This means that they are appearing weak because their rhetoric is toothless. Their words alone are no longer enough to deal with the brutality of the terrorism.

The terrorists are aware that the disunity among the world leaders when it comes to dealing with terrorism is unbridgeable, and this encourages them to continue to carry out even more brazen atrocities such as the killings at the Pulse Gay Night Club in Orlando.

It is only when global leaders treat all terrorist acts equally, no matter where they occur, will the fight against terrorism start to make headway and achieve results.

My party and I, once again, call on all political leaders, to pull down the walls of fears and indifference, so as to deal decisively against the terrorists. Their failure to do so has hampered the international community’s efforts in the war on terror since 2001.

The RPP and my own, thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims and the people of the US at this tragic time in our history.

The RPP firmly stands with the martyrs of terrorism in Orlando just as we do with all the victims of terror attacks around the world, no matter where they live.

May Almighty God Bless you all.

John V Karuranga, President
Rwanda People’s Party (RPP)
Twitter @rppimvura
Skype: John.Karuranga

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