Resist, defy rigged polls, Sejusa tells opposition



“Even if Mr Museveni was to appoint the entire Electoral Commission to be managed by the Opposition, they would not win the election,” Gen David Sejusa said

Now detained at Luzira maximum prison for making political statements, the General said “Museveni has already rigged the elections, and Ugandans will only win through total defiance and resistance”.

Sejusa claims Museveni is already “preparing his victory speech” even before elections can get underway.

“He is also preparing to his forces; Special Forces Command, crime preventers, etc to force his way back to power against the wishes of Ugandan people,” the General said.

Sejusa, in a statement released by Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU, told opposition to “defy that announcement of victory that Museveni is gearing up to, and prepare for total defiance not to accept the results from an already rigged election”.

The group says its rallying “all the different political parties (FDC, Go Forward, DP, UPC, NRM, etc), members of UPDF, including some very senior army officers; members of pro-democracy youth groups operating in all corners of Uganda, religious leaders, to join the struggle for change”.

“We would like to say that there are different ways of achieving freedom for Uganda. The Best way is the People Power Revolution, which is based on a noble cause, in this case Museveni’s rigging of elections and trying to force himself on Ugandans when, as the signs are showing the majority of Ugandans are preparing to vote against him and his ramshackled NRM party,” the General continues in a statement.

He said the most powerful modern battles for democratic transition are not fought in the jungles of Luweero.

“No one intends to fight a six-year long war to overthrow the Museveni regime. The People Power Revolution, is a constitutionally permissible struggle that seeks to gain victory in weeks or months not years.”

He urged Ugandans to join FDC candidate, Kizza Besigye’s defiance campaign saying even Go Forward candidate, Amama Mbabazi, is moving in that direction.

“That is why we are thankful to those men and women of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces, who have signalled their willingness to come to the defence of Ugandan citizens who will be under the threat of mass annihilation.”

He said the real “fighters of the Freedom struggle are not the Sejusas, Besigyes, Amama Mbabazis, etc but the foot soldiers are the millions of simple Ugandans, (youths, women and men in every city, every township, every village in all corners of the nation) who will soon stand up and defy”.

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