Read to me, I will read to you


The above is a book that the province of Ontario Canada used to give to every new mother as soon as you had a baby.

I am a strong believer in reading for kids and with them.
I also think that music is the best thing you can give to kids.
Some of us are too busy and some of us cannot afford music for kids.  However, if you are able to do so, one or the other, consider that the kids will love it.

One time in the Scarborough Public Library (Toronto, Canada), a woman walked past Becky and I.  Becky was reading to me “Simon and his boxes”.   She was a bit small so this lady did an about turn and walked over.  She stood without saying a word.  Becky read the whole book to the end.  Then the lady asked her how old she was.  She proudly announced that she was 2yrs old.  Then the woman told us that she was a teacher and had never met a kid of 2yrs old who could read so well.  My daughter said “thank you. Mom has been reading to me all my life”.

Please read for your kids.  One day they will read for you.  This kid actually had memorized every sentence, paragraph and picture in that book and read like a pro simply because of memory.

As for music, she won third place across Canada because her Russian music teacher was really good.  She was 4yrs old.  You all read about Mini this and that but Becky is the gentle giant that will shock you.  Mini reads and writes very well and won her first music competition in the four Maritime provinces when she was only 4yrs old for composition.  She writes music although I am still yet to understand her first song.

These kids are DNA from Bududa.  Why do parents in Uganda not realise how important it is to read for and with their children?  Even a bigger question, how dare you put kids as young as 3rs -4rs in boarding schools (nursery)?  Do not have kids if you cannot find the time or resources to care for them yourselves.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
I wept because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.” Ancient Persian proverb.

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