RDC calls Uganda a corrupt rotten country


Mr Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi, Lira Resident District Commissioner Tuesday surprised everyone when he called Uganda a rotten country drenched in corruption.

According to him, Ugandans are rotten, living in a rotten country.

He was inspecting 38 computers procured and delivered to Uganda Technical College (UTC) in Lira district under the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) project.

“The watchdogs have become dogs and the dogs are around. So we have to be careful and check everything that comes.”
According to Mwaka who was appointed by President Museveni to represent him in Lira district, corruption has eaten all the sectors.

Mr Nathan Talwana Bucha, UTC principal assured the RDC that the institution will serve the purpose for which it was established.
Corruption deprives the Ugandan economy of 500 billion shillings each year according to the World Bank, roughly 130,000 euros.

A string of embezzlement scandals in recent years, including a 24 billion road scam last September , have prompted serious questions about Uganda’s commitment to fight corruption.

According to a 2016 report by Transparency International (TI) corruption in Uganda is widespread and seen as one of the greatest obstacles to the country’s economic development as well as to the provision of quality public services. Corruption-related challenges in the country system from a weak separation between the public and private spheres, leading to extensive clientelistic practices and patronage, as well as widespread political corruption.

“Such corruption challenges are exacerbated by weak law enforcement, which fuels a culture of impunity, particularly with regards to high-ranking officials involved in corruption schemes. Corruption affects a wide range of sectors and government institutions, including procurement, police, and the defence, education and health sectors. As an aid dependent country, Uganda needs a sound public financial management system, to ensure donors’ funds are spent wisely and leakages are avoided,” reads part of the report.

The report further states that inspite of reforms, there is still room to improve the level of transparency and accountability of the country’s public financial management system. The Ugandan government has acknowledged that corruption is one of the main challenges facing the country. But recent developments have raise questions on the government’s political will to address it.

“Several reforms, laws and new institutions to fight corruption have been established. However, in spite of recent investigations and corruption trials, an effective enforcement of the laws in place is still lacking,”

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