Raising generation of ENTITLED KIDS, worst thing for Millennials


When our kids annoy us, we forget the mistakes we have made while raising them and if we do not change our parenting ways, we will be faced with a generation of our sons and daughters who feel we owe them and dump us off in retirement homes or kill us for the properties we own or for life insurance.

My kids are not perfect but can you explain to me why one would say “I am not talking to you because you did not buy me a car?”.  Cool.  The car is for what?  Tell me which school you are going to and what you are taking and give me an idea of when you will graduate and with what degree?

Many parents who buy cars for their kids are usually parents who reward their kids for hard work at school.  Since not all kids love school, parents will fund start up businesses for their kids and put down capital and even likely buy cars for the kids.

So you dropped out of school, hate school and you have no business or no interest in starting anything that helps you for your future and you demand that I buy you a car or the latest iPhone?  Play your part and the money will flow.

What I have noticed with many Ugandan parents (it is one of the poorest countries in the world) is their willingness to give their brats anything and everything the kids ask for without asking for accountability.  Okay sh. 1 million per month is little for most rich parents in Uganda but then how do you expect your children to even build a life of their own when you keep on telling them to do something with their life while you give them money easily?

I agree that when the kids are doing well at school, you will be tempted to give them whatever they ask for. OMG.  How many of us did well at school and did not have the best gadgets or a car just because we had excellent grades?  Were we working hard at school for our parents or for ourselves?  We were working for us.  Kids must stop taking advantage of their parents because after they are gone and you have not built a future, well, good luck.

In reality, it is the parents in Uganda and other countries who think they should baby sit their kids.  Your kid could be a genius and get a great job but his or her attitude of entitlement will kill all future possibilities.  STOP thinking you must give your kids everything they demand because “You Owe Them”.  Teach your kids to earn everything you give them.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

I am a mother of 4 daughters and they earn everything they get.  I would have ruined their lives by giving them everything they demanded without asking that they work for it.

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