Rage after Oulanyah likens Museveni to Jesus


Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah

The deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon Jacob Oulanyah, on Sunday represented President Yoweri Museveni at a function in Rugarama Kabale district.

Oulanyah is said to have found most of those who waited for him at Rugarama convention site, had already left.

He addressed the rest of the gathering that had camped at Rugarama hill to celebrate 80 years of the revival of Christianity in East Africa.

Oulanyah is quoted telling believers that Museveni was like Jesus Christ who abandoned the riches, glory and splendour of heaven to come to earth and sacrifice himself for sinners.

In his message, Oulanyah urged believers to support Museveni without unwavering because he [Museveni] has allowed all faiths to flourish in the country.

“There was a time in Uganda where people had no right of worship. Thanks to President Museveni and the NRM government that ushered in peace and security and promoting right of worship,” Oulanyah is quoted by Daily Monitor as saying.

He added: “Make President Museveni your spiritual hero for continued development in Uganda.”

This alleged sycophancy has not gone down well with Ugandans; this is what they have to say:

Augustus Karube: Comparing Mr. Museveni, a mere mortal, with visible sins of graft and financial embezzlement on his hands, to Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, who died on the cross, for salvation of our sins, while he has no sins of his own, is absolute madness and political insanity, of the kind befitting this ruling political party and government.

Is Mr. Oulanyah out of his mind? No wonder he is one of the most inefficient, ineffective and underperforming parliamentarians, in this corrupt and inept government, which has failed to deliver on public social services, as most of the money for economic and social development, goes to line their own pockets, with absolute impunity and disregard, for the rule of law.

Paulo: He should simply explain why the Museveni (Messiah-stereotype) has failed to deliver on the following: education, health care, excessive & bloated, public administration, proper job allocation, food security & production, exports/imports promotion & control, influx of foreigners uncontrolled, scandalous corruption within government day & night and unpunished civil servants, army personnel in light of corruption scandals etc.

The above things are the ones which the Jesus he is talking about would address first as His offers freedom at the same time. They go hand in hand.

Arthur Paulo Kamuntu: Hum—Jacob Oulanyah may have the name Jacob but he is the most unfit person to pronounce on matters religious! Museveni is in no way like Jesus. People who think this and say so are just intellectual and emotional cripples.

Enos Lukorito: This is taking bootlicking to all time new heights. Beginning to compare a mortal fallible and error prone human to an immortal being is the height of insanity.

Rob: Which comfort zone did Museveni leave to become the president? Jacob Oulanyah’s statement is a disgrace to God. How can you compare a corrupt man to Jesus?

Gbuluku Damanaka: What a blasphemous comment!…….Oulanyah, remember when God sent Jesus to save this sinful world he did not tell him to permanently remain on earth!!!…….where is the similarity here between Jesus and Museveni?….the way some of you have stooped so low this days is shockingly despicable!

Jonah: Jesus the true saviour cannot be compared with the leaders of our time… all these arrogance will come to pass. And when the appointed time comes, we shall see His glory, and all the ends of the earth shall bow before Him.

Marshal Muslivi: Oulanyah is an elite who I respect. But how can you compare someone who did his ministry in three years with a power hungry man who needs more than 30 years to do his?

Percy Bin Abias: When people are in power they usually think things will possibly never change. But as always, since we are younger than them we will be here to tell the generations about all these. Someone knelt last time, isn’t this even smaller?? No surprise.

Justin: Jacob, Am very disappointed with you, you just lost my respect. I support President Museveni, but comparing him to Jesus, you went too low. If I was you, I would go back to the good Christians of Kabale and apologize. No man not even the holy Pope has ever compared to Jesus.

Robert Adongakulu: I hope Mr. Oulanyah, the otherwise intelligent, articulate and informed Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda was misquoted, misrepresented or quoted out of context by an enemy 4th column (media) on this occasion of the celebration of 80 years of Christian revivalism in Kigezi.

Otherwise, how sacrilegious must one be to sustain one’s comfort and trappings of power? This comment, coming weeks after the Defense Minister’s comments in Ntungamo to shun the erstwhile Prime Minister, JPAM 10, that he referred to as a Judas Iscariot who betrayed one Jesus, a.k.a known as Yoweri Kaguta Museveni demonstrate a dangerous cultship.

That the evangelicals and Christians who are being addressed seem to have nothing wrong with it, demonstrates the collapse of the last line of defence for the voiceless and the moral soul.

Cry the beloved country as we go into an electoral year with paramilitary outfits of the 2000s dusting their fighting gears, recruiting so-called crime preventers and sounding the war drums as was demonstrated on NTV at a certain farm in Ngoma, Luwero.

The rest of the country can only brace itself for what is to come when the forces of “God – the Father, the Son, the brother, the mother and in- laws” unleash war on the traitors ( betrayers) of the ecclesiastical forces ordained to deliver Uganda to the promised land, otherwise called a middle income country by 2026. May God, the True God of the Bible deliver this country, once again?

Yakobo: I am troubled and feel sickened by this man’s comparison. Not even the most saintly pope has ever been compared to Jesus. The only other person to have compared himself to Jesus was actually Lennon a musician of the famous Beatles band, and it cost him his life!

Kanyankole: I am not sure which comfort zone President Muzeveni left to come and be President of Uganda. May be he was comfortable and staying in Oulanyah’s home otherwise what we all know is that Museveni had no house before he became a President.

Kalisizo Girl: Our political understanding lacks substance often politicians compare personnel like animals. Sports and religious symbols. Politics should be about plan, implementation, strategy, framework and evaluation how you can deliver education, health, employment, housing and transportation. It is a shame that our politicians do not see it this way instead they harass and intimidate their own people to stay or get into power. Oulanyah to make a comparison is a mockery of us who truly believe in God.

Sam Muyi: Oulanyah wants to be vice President. He is a smart guy, he has studied Museveni and knows that when you exalt him you get what you want, he pays you with an appointment.

The debate continues…

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