Pulkol: Museveni 100 days a joke, no Olympic medal even

Former spy chief David Pulkol

Former spy chief David Pulkol

Former spy chief David Pulkol has described President Yoweri Museveni’s first 100 days in office as a series of jokes yet the president promised a serious term of office.

“These people are playing games on us. We have ended up with 100 days that do not have a key implementation plan. 100 days are over, have you seen heads rolling?” Pulkol challenged while appearing on NBS TV morning breeze Monday.

He went on: “How do you call it “hakuna mchezo” yet there is a lot of “mchezo” already?”

“Mchezo” is a Swahili word that means “game” or “joke” in English.

Pulkol said alot has happened in the last 100 days and citizens have become bolder.

He claimed the government is now intimidated by citizens citing the case of IGP Kale Kayihura who “is now scared to go to court”.

Pulkol jokingly said it is sad that in the first 100 days of Museveni’s new term, Uganda has failed to win an Olympic medal [Ugandan athletes returned empty-handed from Rio marathon held in Brazil].

“It’s unfortunate that Don Wanyama is telling us that President Museveni is just starting to act after 100 days,” Pulkol said, adding, “What is the difference between this government and Idi Amin’s?”

Pulkol said he resigned from a government job after opposing its activities.

Don Wanyama, the Senior Press Secretar, who appeared on the same show started by reminding Pulkol that he never resigned from government but was fired.

“President mentioned that this term will be hard for people who misuse public resources. This is the “hakuna mchezo” term basically,” Don insisted.

He said President Museveni was given a new term by Ugandans and there is no ‘discontent’ as claimed.

On corruption, Don said the President mentioned that this term would be hard for people who misuse public resources.

When asked about President Museveni’s first 100 days, Don said: “This is a western ‘thing’ that media likes to copy.”

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