Pulkol: Besigye is at his strongest to face Museveni 


David Pulkol


David Pulkol, a political analyst and former External Security Organisation director general, has advised President Yoweri Museveni to follow the example of his wife and leave politics.

Also First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni, announced last week that she would not seek re-election for Ruhaama Member of Parliament come 2016 general elections.

While appearing on NBS TV Morning Breeze on Monday, Pulkol said Museveni has failed to provide employment for the majority of Ugandans and has consistently feared opposition even in his own party.‪

“The mistakes and lies of president Museveni are catching up with him and we need to come up with the “Asante Baba” program to bid him farewell.”

He added: “President Museveni should follow the example of his wife.‪”

Pulkol accused President Museveni of making “NRM to be a military party, which makes it not be an ordinary party”.

He said Museveni had a plan of concentrating on eastern Uganda the reason he appointed Kasule Lumumba as NRM Secretary General to win the love of Basoga.

According to Pulkol, although Lumumba now heads the secretariat, she cannot be compared to the FDC strongman, Nandala Mafabi with the influence he has in that region. ‪

He said that since Museveni has exhausted all his tactics, it now time to thank him and wish her a farewell.

“It is wrong to keep bashing Museveni every time. There should be a point of appreciating his positive contribution to this country. FDC President, Mugisha Muntu, has done that.”

As for the newcomers on the presidential field, Pulkol said he was not surprised by an announcement from the former Makerere University vice chancellor, Prof Venansius Baryamureeba.

“Baryamureeba’s declaration for the presidency was not a surprise because he has always haboured such ambitions.”

Barya has released his manifesto and is busy campaigning in western Uganda.

As for former coordinator of intelligence services in the UPDF, Gen David Sejusa, Pulkol said the man too deserved a chance to serve in another capacity.

“Sejusa has done his best in the UPDF and it now time to serve his country in a different capacity.”

Sejusa fell out with the President in 2013 when he authored a document alleging that Museveni was grooming his son, Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba, to succeed him as President.

When he finally returned at the close of 2014, he joined politics and announced that he would remove Museveni from power.

He is currently working with opposition political parties to the effect.

Meanwhile, Pulkol says former FDC President, Kizza Besigye, is now at his strongest given the fact that Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) President, Olara Otunnu and Democratic Party President, Nobert Mao, seem to have lost interest in the race.

Mao has been on and off the political scene and is currently suffering from poor health.

Otunnu on the other hand, made it clear that he will never stand again as President.

Besigye is the only opposition member who has given Museveni headache in the past elections.

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