Prof Karusoke: Mao has ideological malaria


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Prof Kajabago Karusoke says he has at last realised the sickness that is eating up Democratic Party [DP] President General, Norbert Mao.

“Mao is suffering from ideological malaria,” Karusoke announced on Friday at Fairway hotel in Kampala while paying tribute to the late Internal Affairs minister, Gen Aronda Nyakairima, on the Pan-African Pyramid.

Prof Karusoke, a ruling party ideologue who at the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi, was angered by Mao’s lengthy obituary to Aronda in which he presented the late as “a conflicted man”.

“I dare say Gen. Aronda with all his sterling record of service became increasingly a conflicted man. What he believed in and what he was compelled to do were no longer in tandem,” Mao wrote.

The DP president cited an example where Aronda was forced to respond to accusations in parliament about police brutality and found himself in “an awkward situation because…it was clear that Aronda saw no justification for police brutality against unarmed civilians”.

“Aronda knew what was right but was often forced to follow the dictates of the regime. He was caught up. That means that in a way he was a hostage.”

Mao said the Museveni regime has turned many of its co-creators into hostages.

“And like all hostages, they are in danger…This is then the system in which Gen. Aronda was caught up. There are many like him. People need to harmonize what they believe with what they do. It is that conflict that forced key pillars of the NRM to become its fiercest critics. Byanyima, Besigye, Muntu, Bukenya, Sejusa…The list keeps growing.”

Karusoke wonders whether Mao is normal

“Aronda was a good man,” Karusoke said in his tribute.

He then turned attention to the claim that Aronda would have prevented Kale Kayihura and other militias from oppressing others by curtailing their meetings.

The professor tested the statement in his mouth, considered it awhile and then spat it out scornfully.

“Is Mao normal? Those of you who know him, is the man normal mentally?” the professor asked, sending the audience roaring with laughter.

“To say Aronda was serving a wrong, rouge regime. Is Mao okay?”

The Pan-African Pyramid moderator, Andrew Irumba, warned the professor of a possible defamation suit reminding him to stick to paying a tribute and not discuss personalities.

The defiant Karusoke shook his head several times before concluding: “Mao is suffering from ideological malaria.”

Another round of laughter swept across the room.

If that was up to him, Karusoke would have dragged Mao to Kyankwanzi national leadership institute for “ideological orientation”.

“Aronda was a good man. I wish he could have continued living in order to improve the economic system.”

“Aronda was an ideal personality from the way he has been serving in the NRM,” Karusoke said, adding that NRM was a “better political organisation” because it has paid attention to economic growth.

“NRM supports ideologically. It has transformed the nation.”

In an earlier tribute, NRM Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba, described Aronda as a “humble servant” and urged politicians to emulate him.

“We people who are in politics and leadership should emulate Aronda. He caused impact without talking about himself or fighting anyone.”

“Despite the fact that he had powers and army ranks,” she continued, “he never boasted of his achievements”.

Kasule urged politicians to talk only when it’s necessary.

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