Prof Karusoke dubs Besigye, Mbabazi ‘political vampires’


A photo montage of former prime minister Amama Mbabazi (L) and FDC flag bearer Kizza Besigye. PHOTOS BY DOMINIC BUKENYA/ABUBAKER LUBOWA/ Daily Monitor 

NRM professor, of all comparisons, equated presidential aspirants; Amama Mbabazi, and Kizza Besigye, to “political vampires”.

A vampire is a mythical being who subsists by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures.

In folkloric tales, undead vampires often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighbourhoods they inhabited when they were alive.

Prof Kajabago Karusoke, a lecturer at National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi, was speaking at a youth dialogue organized by a Pan-Africanist, Andrew Irumba, at Fairway hotel on Friday.

“The biggest problem we have in this country is leaders who are academically staggering,” he said.

He was referring to the likes of FDC strongman, Besigye and Go Forward candidate, Mbabazi in comparison to President Yoweri Museveni who is ever in the professor’s praises.

The names of the two politicians came up as the professor tried to explain to an audience full of youth and Makerere university students, the difference between education and training.

“What is important for youth now is education. There is a difference between training and being educated.”

He said, for example, it was not about being a doctor but why one decides to become a doctor.

“We have doctors like Besigye who are medical mechanics and not medical philosophers,” he launched his attack.

He quoted Besigye allegedly saying he regretted ever treating Museveni during the bush war.

Besigye was Museveni’s personal doctor during the struggle that later brought the current government into power.

“Besigye is just a political vampire,” Karusoke concluded.

He then turned attention to Mbabazi wondering how a “sane” man could take the ruling party to court which is a component of the same government he is fighting.

“Mbabazi taking NRM to court? Yet, the same court is a component of the state apparatus? Does he even know what constitutes a court as a component of a state apparatus in the hands of a ruling party?”

Prof Karusoke said no one will vote Mbabazi who is “politically incapable of differentiating between a party and a state apparatus”.

“You can’t be a president when you are not a philosopher. You can’t be a Kabaka when you are not a philosopher. Either the king/president is a philosopher or the philosopher becomes king/president.”

He said it is not being God, or old like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe that makes one a philosopher.

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