Prof Barya: God is replacing Museveni with me  


President Museveni guided by then Makerere Acting Vice Chancellor Prof. V. Baryamureeba at the institution


Yesterday, UTAMU and former Makerere University Vice Chancellor, Prof Venansius Baryamureeba, announced that he will stand against Museveni in 2016 general elections.

The message is already published on his personal website,, where he talks about his ambition at length.

In his acceptance speech delivered Sunday evening (after being nominated by progressive Ugandans), Barya says he “was born to lead, to excel and to be great”.

“Therefore, with a deep sense of duty and commitment, I accept the Presidential nomination by Progressive Ugandans. I accept it without any reservations and I promise to devote every effort of body, mind and spirit to lead the Progressive Ugandans to victory in the 2016 Presidential Election and our country to greatness.”

Challenges Museveni

Barya said the contrast with the National Resistance Movement Organisation (NRM-O) competitor (Museveni?)’s campaign issues are out of touch with reality amongst most Ugandans.

He cited infrastructure for roads, railways and energy which Museveni has been emphasising of recent saying they cannot take precedence over education, health, agriculture and job creation for a country like Uganda.

He said other Presidential candidates of parties like the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) and Democratic Party (DP) do not resonate with the young generation, which is the post 1986 generation that is not concerned with either the past struggles that brought NRM-O to power in 1986 or the struggles that led to independence of Uganda in 1962.

Barya described as “hazardous” Museveni’s (my fellow tribesman) stay in power for over 30 consecutive years yet since Independence in 1962, Uganda has never had a catholic President.

“I want to assure you here and now that I am the best candidate for President in 2016.”

He urged Ugandans not to vote him basing on ethnicity but his suitability.

He said being a President has nothing to do with bearing a military rank.

“It will definitely not be easy to campaign against President Museveni who has made most Ugandans believe that he is the alpha and omega.”

Barya accused Museveni of turning “the majority of voters into beggars as evidenced in the numerous presidential pledges and handouts”.

“This is a man who has built the military and intelligence agencies, albeit for his own intentions, but killed all other key institutions.”

Therefore, he continued, the post Museveni President has to have a proven record of building institutions but also be able to allow regional governments to operate autonomously and also ensure independence and separation of powers among the three arms of government.

After over 30 years of drugged and fitful sleep, Uganda needs strong, creative and transformative leadership at State House, Barya said, noting that, President Museveni’s generation, together with all his Bush-war comrades have had an opportunity to lead this country for the last 30 years and now is time for the current generation to lead our country to greatness.

He says President Museveni has turned NRM-O into a party of the past with speeches from the past achievements and failures since January 29, 1986 when he was first sworn in as President of Uganda.

“NRM-O pledge is a pledge to the status quo–and today there can be no status quo.”

Barya promises to use a transformative approach that will address unemployment and the rotten health system, among others.

“So just like God replaced Saul with David (2 Samuel 5: 1-3) come 2016, God shall replace President Museveni with Prof. Baryamureeba as President of Uganda in 2016 so that all nations may know that Civil rulers have a duty to remember that God is the authority above them and that He rules over everybody on earth and in Heaven (Romans 13.1).”

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