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Museveni: NTV and Monitor will go to hell


President Yoweri Museveni has prophesied that two power Ugandan media houses are headed straight to the devil unless they repent.

The media houses, Museveni clarified, are Nation Media’s Serena based NTV Uganda and the Namuwongo based Daily Monitor publications.

Museveni’s comments came after the ruling party banned NTV from covering their candidate’s rallies.

NTV ban

In a statement, Rogers Mulindwa, the Head of the Field Media team/ Communications Officer-NRM, said they woke up to a surprise news on Wednesday that the senior authorities at NTV in Kampala had directed their staff attached to the NRM camp to stop using drone pictures/footage in their stories.

“The advanced reason was that the drone high quality aerial pictures were giving an edge to one candidate over others. As you may of course be aware, the opposition leaders have always been spreading lies that the NRM government and President Museveni in particular have run down this country. Besigye for instance kept stage managing scenes of impassable roads!”

The drone pictures had however continued exposing them as serial liars by bringing to the attention of NTV viewers the great infrastructural development across the country and the massive support at our candidate’s campaign rallies, Mulindwa explained.

“In my own view, their intention was not therefore an editorial policy but perhaps there was an intent to disrupt our campaigns by denying us the deserved quality coverage through drone images.”

NTV have since called back their three staff-Maurice Ochol, Julius Bakabaage and Ziwa Herbert.

Mulindwa said they would not wait for Besigye and Mbabazi to buy drones for NRM to continue benefiting from theirs.

Mulindwa said he had discussed the matter with Ms. Konde Aggie, the NTV station manager.

Museveni reacts

President Museveni while addressing a press conference at Masindi State Lodge, accused Monitor [Uganda’s leading daily newspaper] and NTV of “not telling the truth”.

“Monitor and their television [NTV] will go to hell for telling lies,” the president said, seemingly frustrated.

“Unless they repent…,” the president hastened to add.

Speaking in Runyoro, Museveni accused the two media houses for ignoring the country’s welfare in their reports.

“They [NTV, Monitor] never write anything about welfare,” the president complained.

He then turned attention to Uganda’s leading tabloid, Red Pepper.

“Only naked women, what happens if you write about welfare of Ugandans?” he wondered.

Museveni pointed out that Ugandans are clever people, they are not people who don’t know what is good for the country.

The president said he refused to give in to “advice” to bribe journalists to cover him.

“Good journalists should be truthful.”

Monitor since its inception has been critical of government.

Most of the senior editors that NRM has tried to plant in the newspaper’s newsroom have been found out and later fired.

NTV on the other hand, broadcasted the presidential live TV debate which the president avoided.


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