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President Obama has endorsed Clinton for Democratic party


The USA political debate has been rather heated up with Donald Trump (the self made billionaire) running on the Republican ticket while Hillary Clinton runs on the Democratic ticket.

Trump is known globally for his business acumen and his rants about immigrants, moslems and this year he said he would arrest president Mugabe and president Museveni and throw them in jail.

The media (mostly social media) had a circus on Trump’s utterances for so many want him to become president and arrest what some Africans think are dictators.  Ahem.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton has been in the public for far too many years having been with Bill Clinton for years and they actually have the Clinton Foundation which now has at the forefront one of their daughters.

Bill Clinton (former US president) has been to Africa in the past and in fact he was one of the world presidents who hailed president Yoweri Museveni for being the new breed of leaders in Africa for democracy and development.

Fast forward, Obama was the first black president to be elected in USA and while this one seemed to believe in the wonder of Museveni, he developed a cool attitude towards Museveni.

Many of you will remember when on May 12, 2016 at Museveni’s swearing in for his 5th term, Museveni had EU, UK, Canada and USA envoys walk out when he called ICC useless and proceeded to say “Stupid, let me run my own house”.

If you ignore the contested elections from February 2016 where the EU and other International observers submitted their reports that the elections were not fair and transparent, you should also remember that at the May 12, 2016 swearing in, the president of Sudan (Bashir) was invited in and announced with pomp.  Uganda is a signatory to the ICC (Rome Statute) and they were charged with arresting Bashir to hand him to the ICC.

What got interesting was when Museveni welcomed Bashir saying “I used to believe in ICC but they are useless”.

The relationship between Uganda and USA is a bit luke warm at the moment.

Most of you have read the statements the USA has issued about opposition persecution in Uganda.  In fact, the contested elections led by Dr. Kizza Besigye are global news daily.  Besigye is in the maximum prison in Uganda at Luzira prison.

Not only has US envoy Malac been in the media frequently condemning human rights abuses but the US State of Department has also done the same.

Uganda has been in the media saying they will pull out the army from Somalia (AU, Amisom) and stop fighting terrorism, a business which is very lucrative for Uganda to get money from EU, UN, UK and USA.

Today, Reuters ran a story that Uganda is also considering pulling out of CAR (Central African Republic) to stop fighting LRA (Kony).

Last October, UPDF (Uganda Army) pulled out of South Sudan.

At this rate, one can say, let us watch the action.  The situation in the Great Lakes of Africa is not for the fainted hearted.  You can always find Obama’s take on life presidencies in Africa on Youtube.

Below is the video of Obama endorsing Hillary Clinton.


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