Poor youth form movement against Museveni ‘tyranny’


Poor NRM youth led by Kato Isa (2nd L) addressing the media in Kampala

NRM Poor Youth Forum says it has rebranded and widened its scope to form a movement [Uganda Poor Youth Movement].

Kato Isa, the coordinator of the poor youth and now acting Secretary General of the movement, said they were widening their scope of mobilisation.

“We have been limited within NRM internal democracies. We have now grown and matured to demand for our rights as young people irrespective of one’s party. Just like Go Forward, Justice Forum, UYD, ours has joined such ranks I stead of a forum. This is more like a Party independent on its own,” he told Insider on inquiry.

Asked whether they were quitting the ruling party, Kato said they were still members of NRM but had started a parallel youth structure alongside National Youth Council and NRM Youth League whose objective is to foster change and from time to time and represent the Poor Young people of Uganda.

“NRM poor youth was limiting us to issues within NRM. But now we are broad-based and we can mobilise on our own like TDA [The Democratic Alliance].

Kaggwa Vincent is the National Spokesperson of the Uganda Poor Youth Movement who will be in charge of all the official communications.

Luzindana Adam Buyinza is the leader/chairman of Uganda Poor Youth Movement.

Kato says the movement will be mobilizing and organizing the poor youth to oppose President Yoweri Museveni’s “dictatorial rule” which has made almost all youth poor and unemployed.

“The Uganda Poor Youth Movement is a mass protracted poor youth Liberation movement operating at village level in all parts of Uganda to oppose Museveni tyrannical rule and we are finalizing a one year process of constituting 100 Poor Youth committee per village which started last year and it will oversee poor youth mobilization and development in every village of Uganda. We are much focused on development and organizing the youth to demand for their rights.”

According to Kato, many constitutional youth groups have been neglected leaving the NRM Youth League for “the sons and daughters of the rich and government officials”.

In February 2014, the NRM Poor Youth Forum was founded to among others fight for internal democracy in NRM Party resolving to support the then Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, for president of Uganda in 2016.

“We categorically challenged the Kangaroo resolution of NRM Parliamentary caucus which sat in Kyankwanzi and declared president Museveni a sole candidate in NRM and NRM Party chairman without election,” Kato explains.

He said they decided to rebrand and expand their scope to involve both the peasants, the middle class, the un-employed and working class of Uganda to lead a protracted struggle against president Museveni and “his dictatorial regime”.

“This is not our struggle but a struggle for the common good of the people of Uganda and the generations to come. If we don’t act now to defeat president M7, then our country will trek towards anarchy and instability.”

According to the youth leader, Museveni has over stayed as a president and has indeed championed sectarianism, racism, favouritism, corruption, etc in both NRM Party and in the Government.

“President Museveni has presided over a government with no institutions effectively functioning, he has led a country where patronage rule, he has led a country where poverty is now a culture and part of Ugandans, he has led a country where unemployment is now a disease with no medicine, he has led a country where rule of law is only in papers, he has led a country where external debt burden is now cursing all the common people, he has led a country where his family rule is visible, he has led a nation where poor service delivery is a norm and where corruption is an extension of the wishes and will of Museveni the man.”

The youth accuses Museveni of leading a country where youth leaders and political leaders are used and dumped and where intellectuals are now beggars and puppets of “his henchmen”.

“Our country is indeed in political limbo; our country is sitting on a time bomb.”

The objectives of the movement, according to Kato, are to; mobilize and organize youth to demand for equal opportunities, to benefit from government programs, start development initiatives in every village, operate a global social media campaign to create global awareness on Museveni dictatorial rule and organize youth for democratic processions.

“In the coming few days, we shall publish our “the ideology of Uganda Poor Youth Movement” and our poor youth brigade which will focus more on mobilization for development and safe guarding our votes on 18th February 2016.”




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