Poor reading habits are the enemy of civilisation


Perhaps also the main reason Uganda is lagging behind in development.  I fault Ugandans for this.  The inflated numbers of high growth of GDP per capita do not count when you have some 10 million people in the country who can hardly afford 3 meals a day and you have unemployment of 80-90% among graduates.

For over a year now I have been writing about human trafficking, modern slavery, sex slavery of Ugandans and exploitation of Ugandans sent to the Middle East and Asia.  Yesterday we got a clip of Ugandans enslaved in the Middle East.  The reaction from Ugandans was stunning.  As if these things had not been communicated to you.

One time when I was young, I asked father to explain to me how electricity works.  He took me into our family library and told me to read.  My older brother had electrocuted me so I was seeking a way to revenge.  Turns out the library had books on physics, chemistry and electricity conductivity.  As I picked out one book, he told me “there is no problem in the world that has never been written about. When in doubt, always go to the library and read.  Today you have the internet so your excuses are unacceptable.  He did show me how to work with sockets, circuits and grounding (red, black, green, blue wires).  I did not electrocute that joker brother of mine.

I have been writing about the economies of the world and stock exchanges for quite some time.  So when Ugandans panic inbox me asking why the shilling is dropping like a hot potato, my explanation is usually “if you had been reading you would have seen this coming”.

We have the Oil issue.  How many times do I write about oil and any Ugandan cares to read.  You would have seen the drop coming.  I even once wrote something on the inflated costing of the pipeline as well as other things like fracking (the cheap way of extracting oil and gas).  Recently I have been writing daily about the drop and even gave some explanations of what is going on.  Today I read in The Observer that the Total CEO for Uganda says they will find money to build their pipeline.  My first reaction was “what, with your good looks?”.  The fact is Total is in arbitration with Uganda and the Tullow one has not been settled yet.  You can find all I am talking about on my blog or even on this news site.

Unemployment.  If people cannot read, they cannot write well.  If they cannot write well, they will not get jobs.  In this regard, stop complaining about companies in Uganda hiring foreigners over you.

You can read some more about the dangers of poor reading habits at the link below.

This brings up another issue.  If you see something in the news that does not interest you, do not attack the newspaper or the editors or authors.  Similarly, on social media if you see a post that is not your cup of tea, skip it.  After all Uganda is 37.5 million people so we do not customize to one person or group.  Pick what works for you and ignore the rest.


Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada


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