Police: Why we head Presidential convoy


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s convoy


According to the Traffic and Road Safety Act, section 123 (5) provides for vehicles/cars that have the right of way or what you may call convey and these are:

Police vehicles on emergency responses, Police vehicle lead cars, Fire bridge, Ambulances, Military motor vehicles of armed Forces, such other motor vehicles as may be designated by the Minister of Transport in consultation with the chief Licensing Officers.

The drivers of a car of the President, Vice President, Chief Justice, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Prime Minister, Commissioner General of Prisons, Chief of Defense Forces or state motorcade is allowed in case of emergency or other cases as described to deviate from the normal regulations (over taking in places where they are not supposed to or to move in convey).

Police was given the authority to and that is why we have lead cars to sweep the way for state motorcade.

You might wonder when you see Police lead cars opening the way for civilian Registration Number Plate vehicles, these are normally cleared by the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ministry of Foreign Affairs is the government organ that is in charge of Protocol in the country.

They guide us on who deserves to be given a lead car or who is supposed to be given outer riders (Motor cycles) this is convey with a lead car and motorcycle riders next to the principals’ vehicles.

Protocol normally place their request to the Police on who is coming, when, and from where?, then we provide the lead cars.

It’s not that everybody is supposed to be given a lead car but given to VIPs and it’s the Protocol (ministry of Foreign Affairs) who guides us on this.

Recently the Ministry of Transport added the bullion vans on the vehicles that are supposed to have right of way.

So private security firms with Bullion vans have right of way BUT NOT their patrol cars or any vehicles they are using.

Let me also correct this information about Funeral Services Vehicles i.e A plus, Uganda funeral services and others these DON’T have right of way.

You should never give them way. But I know people fear dead bodies when they see funeral service vehicle coming they give way very fast.

Ministers, Members of Parliaments, all don’t have right of way.

Statement by Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango

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