Police says cop who tortured Besigye not mad


Police has denied reports saying ASP Arinaitwe Gilbert, the cop who brutally arrested FDC president, Kizza Besigye, with teargas and a hammer, is actually mad.

Arinaitwe made headlines in international media on April 28, 2011 when, during Besigye’s arrest, he smashed the back window of the opposition leader’s four-wheel-drive vehicle with the butt of a pistol and sprayed pepper gas in his face.

He then dragged the immobilised politician out of the car, all in front of local and international media.

Besigye was to later be flown to Nairobi for medical treatment.

On Tuesday, 14th July, 2015, in the corporate and social media environment, reporters published and posted articles that ASP Arinaitwe Gilbert an alleged “Besigye Tormentor had gone Mad and was admitted at Butabika Hospital”, CP Fred Enanga Press and Public Relations Officer Uganda Police,  recalls in a statement.

In the following days several links and excerpts referenced the article and circulated it via social media, with many of those who encountered it, mistaking it for a genuine news article.

“We want to confirm that the article was just another bit of fake news from the media which take pride in publishing fictitious stories that are outrageous,” Enanga stated.



“To put the record straight, therefore, we want to confirm to the public and the media fraternity that the Officer has never been admitted for any illness at Masindi Hospital and or mental abnormalities at Butabika Mental Hospital as alleged.”

Accoridng to Enanga, Arinaitwe continuously reports to the Directorate of Human Resource Administration, therefore, the article is an unsubstantiated “smear campaign” to wrought havoc against our officer, his family and further discredit the police institution.

“It is also a fact that the Officer was cleared of any wrong doing, when the case against him was dropped by the DPP upon insufficiency of evidence to prosecute him.”

Enanga further denied that he commented on the madness of his colleague.

“I want to further reiterate, that the Police is aware of the hostile strategies designed by political opportunists during this critical political stage, to tarnish the image of the police across the country through media syndicates, but we shall continue rectifying those stories that are purely coincidental.”

“We want to conclude by cautioning the media managers about their duty to correct mistakes immediately and as clearly as possible, especially where journalistic errors are not honest like in this very case.”

Meanwhile, according to New Vision, in its May 23, 2015 article, split with his wife in a flurry of counter accusations of adultery.

Arinaitwe has been married for three years to Beatrice Florence Nagawa, a lawyer by profession.

The marriage was dissolved by Emmy Geoffrey Sayekwo, a Grade One senior principal magistrate at Mwanga II Court, following a divorce suit that was filed by Nagawa late last year over accusations of adultery.

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