Police on Tamale’s tail for threatening to shoot radio mimic

Presidential spokesperson, Tamale Mirundi

Presidential spokesperson, Tamale Mirundi

Police in Kampala is investigating loose-tongued Joseph Tamale Mirundi for misusing his firearm.

The investigations were opened after a June 16 incident in which the outspoken senior presidential adviser on Media allegedly threatened to shoot Innocent Tobi Kafeero, a mimic, who makes fun of him on Radio Simba’s morning show, The Observer reports.

During the morning show, Kafeero always signs off saying, “Don’t waste my programme, you are consuming my time: my waragi gin is getting cold.”

A police officer in charge of monitoring firearms at Kira Road police station, Bazir Mugisha, said that when police learnt of the incident, they asked the mimic and his colleagues to record statements but they didn’t show up at the police station.

Mugisha said a person with a firearm must follow regulations.

He said if a person breaks any of the gun regulations, he or she can be sued or the gun withdrawn.

Radio Simba staff told The Observer, Tamale refused to be checked at the gate.

“You think I am a common person who can be made to sign a visitors’ book? Does your head have porridge or brains?” Mirundi reportedly said.

After the angry exchange with the gateman, Mirundi headed for the door and when he failed to open it, he loudly said; “You people, open quickly and tell me what you want from me. Why do you defame me every morning?”

A receptionist, Justine Mudangi, said that when she saw a fuming Mirundi, she opened the door and he went to the staffroom and started abusing everyone around.

“When some of our colleagues tried to cool him down, he rudely told them: “when you eat a kicomando [chapatti mixed with beans] you forget that you will get a stomachache. Do you know the person you abuse every morning? A son of Yokaana [John] Mirundi is never despised,” he warned.

“If your mouth has a higher speed than your brains, it is your head to suffer. You seem not to possess heads but what the Baganda call engalabi [long drum],” he added, before asking for the mimic, Kafeero.

Tamale reportedly threatened to teach Kafeero a lesson by shooting him.

“Tell this tiny boy that if he is looking for cassava [money], he should not do so using me. He should not play with me because I have a gun. Tell him that I will shoot him if he does not leave me out of his drama,” Okello quoted Mirundi as saying.

Mirundi, according to the newspaper, further warned on his way out, saying: “If I hear again a person imitating me in your useless programme, you will face me. My head thinks of useful things, not the silly imitation of yours.”

Kafeero’s co-presenter Simon Peter Ndaula, popularly known as Omulangira Ndausi, said when he saw Mirundi annoyed, he locked himself in the studio until he left.

Source: Observer

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