Police moves to arrest traditional leaders, cops over sirens


Police is ready to arrest traditional leaders (kings and chiefs) who have sirens on their vehicles.

Dr Kasiima Steven, the Director of Traffic & Road Safety, says there is nowhere within the law where it states that traditional leaders have right of way.

The only persons who have right of way are; the vehicles(Convoy ) of H.E the President, the vehicles(convoy)  of the Vice President, the vehicles of the Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice, the vehicles (Convoy) of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament and the vehicles of the Prime Minister.

In February this year, Kooki chief Kamuswaga was brutally arrested by SFC soldiers for overtaking VP Edward Ssekandi.

He was later taken to Germany for treatment.

Kasiima says they are also going to deal with errant police officers who have been abusing the right of way.

” The law doesn’t protect you when you cause accidents even if you have a right of way.”

He noted that people are tired of sirens whereby they no longer respond, often assuming those sounding it are just misusing them.

” Where need be, we might be forced to check these ambulances to confirm whether there is a patient. We encourage ambulance drivers to regulate themselves. Even those with the right of way shouldn’t abuse the  law”.

Early in the week, the Inspector General of Police banned the use of motor vehicle Sirens, Roof Lights and right of way by both civilian and security officials who have illegally installed sirens and roof lights for their convenience reasons.

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