Poem: Ode to NRM-the yellow party


On my deathbed,

I would like to share

A toss to the yellow historicals

Who braved with 27 guns

And rid us of that governance.


I would like to tell the nurse,

“Yellow blood please”

I am a post ’86 youth,

A UPE and USE graduate

In boda boda riding.


I would like, for civility,

Be wrapped in ‘bisanja’,

Like a night dancer on a third round dance

Leading brethrens to that bus

Of steady ….


Nurse, please make a sack cloth for me

To harvest that money.

My ancestors too need foreign exchange

For their bank

To pay off the ghosts there.


“Where are my hands nurse?

My social media accounts are dormant.

The guardian of the leopard’s balls,

King of the kingdom of U…..

Has granted me the VPN codes.”


Before I bid thee farewell,

Send my greetings to Kaihorror

And Chigundi

I aspired to work with you, but –

My name, nose …..


Lay me peacefully at Kololo,

In a yellow, mahogany casket,

Secure from the noisy rats.

It will be a worthy grave-arrest

From non-patriotic citizens.


I leave some simple requests;

A stately funeral,

A total recall of all my debts,

An assured government position for my family


Andrew Herbert Omuna, the author, is a teacher and filmmaker

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