Poem: A Mutooro girl-beyond beauty


I still recall-

That rare creature

A Mutooro girl

With a thick mass of falling black curls

Onto her tender face kissing and tossing

Like a lily in a cool after-drizzle-breeze

Abooki*, how can I describe her face?

Those brown watery eyes,

Pleading, oo, pleading-almost dosing…

Like two moons lighting up the sky

That honey-dripping mouth

And lips, so succulent-mmnh!

Glowing cheeks and a pointed nose

A neck, graceful as a crane’s

In the breeze, gently swaying

So slender, so youthful

The daughter of Bachwezi*, how can I put it?

Rounded shoulders

The mango-like breast pulsating with life

The slimmest, most fashionable waist

A pale peachy skin

So smooth, so soft

Oo, how shall I say it?

Firm, well-curved hips

On legs of bamboo

Upon which I gazed, gazed

and gazed-more wildly…

Then, I saw, a perfect beauty!

[*Abooki is one of pet names Batooro of western Uganda use. Batooro are also said to have originated from Chwezi empire aka Bunyoro-Kitara which ruled the Nile Valley]

Rogers Atukunda, the author, is a writer and journalist

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