Plagiarism is stealing other people’s work and using it as your own


Most students get a fail for plagiarism in the Universities which care about originality.

Some Ugandans have the habit of plagiarizing other people’s work.

We do not ask for much but to indicate the source and give them credit for it.

I have been involved with Uganda since 2013 and I noticed a trend in the media houses where I would see an article appearing in several places and most times I knew the source.

I asked one of the editors at The Insider to take off the block of no copy / paste.  His reply “people copy our articles and use them as their own”.

One time I was flying to LAX and could not use my laptop to go to the source code to grab the article (I always provide the source) and got terribly frustrated that I could not do it on my phone.

Fast forward, The Insider now allows Copy / Paste and this works wonderfully for people like me who live in a suitcase in airports.

Yesterday, February 9, 2016, I finally came face to face why The Insider always had no Copy / Paste.

Someone in Uganda had asked me to tell it about me (it).  Reply “try Google with my names”.

Not knowing what Google would show that stranger It, I decided to search for my name.

OMG, there in front of me was this website in Uganda which takes all my articles off The Insider and uses them on their site as if they wrote them.

I am not going to mention that website as my lawyer is working on it.  This website by the way takes everything from everyone and anyone and uses the articles as their own.  I am interested in their income flow because that is where the money comes from.  The only news source in Uganda that has my permission to use my articles is The Insider and it is pro-bono.  It is not all about money.

Ugandans will have to wake up to this culture of stealing.  Most of us do not ask for pay but if you take our work and use it as your own, then we will nail you.

Two days ago, I found a post on Facebook about how Museveni destroyed Uganda.  I commented that it was not his article as I knew the writer’s work.  The kid complained to Facebook about my comment.  Come on, he is a kid who raps in the slums so how could he do International Development Analysis?  Far too many of us are on social media so stop posting other people’s work without indicating the source.

Stop stealing other people’s work and if you like the work, use it but indicate the original source or author.  If you do not do that, you open yourself up to future litigation.  You may not have the money to pay the litigation costs but we will shut you down.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

The writer is an IT analyst for an oil company.  I have patents pending and I take copy right very seriously.

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