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Photos: Oyo ‘boyish’ show humiliates Mayiga


Oyo and Kabaka arriving for the ceremony


Tooro King, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Monday joined the 60th birthday celebrations of the King of Buganda Kingdom, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi.

The celebrations held at Bulange Mengo were attended by the Vice president, Edward Ssekandi, who presented the King with a Land Cruiser donated by President Yoweri Museveni.


Others in attendance included government officials, representatives from other Kingdoms like Ankole, Bunyoro, Busoga etc and many other dignitaries.

Everything should have been alright save for King Oyo’s spectacle which many angry Ugandans have already interpreted as “arrogant adolescent behavior”.

The pictures taken at Mengo palace, show the youngest monarch sitting in a posture many considered inappropriate for the occasion.

Critics fault Oyo for sitting crossed-legged as if he was in the comfort of his home balcony.

But supporters rubbished this claim saying sitting cross-legged was normal and actually demonstrated that he was not stressed by his enemies back home.


This posture was deemed inappropriate


When the Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister, Peter Mayiga, came to greet him, Oyo simply gave him a hand without even looking at him.

Eyewitnesses say the man behind a fundraising campaign that has seen Kasubi tombs renovated and Masengere building (Kabaka’s birthday gift) completed, looked out of place after being intentionally humiliated.


Oyo just throws hand at Mayiga and ignores him totally

Sympathizers still say since Mayiga is a subject of the Kabaka, he is still a subject in the presence of Oyo.

Sometime back, President Yoweri Museveni referred to King Oyo as a boy.

Batooro went mad with rage and threatened to stage riots until the President apologized to them for “abusing” their King.

What Oyo exhibited today doesn’t move far from what the President inferred in his speech.

But other Ugandans believe that him being a King, he reserves the right to do as he wishes wherever he is.


While others believe that as the Kabaka showed him respect seen from the pictures taken of the two monarchs, Oyo should have reciprocated in equal measure.

Could this spectacle justify why Prince David Kijanangoma is bent on overthrowing Oyo?

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