‘Oyo team’ made to fight Kijanangoma


Prince Kijanangoma also faces a re-arrest


We have seen documents from a meeting held in Kampala this month indicating that the Tooro Kingdom Queen Mother, Best Kemigisa, has formed a team to fight Prince David Kijanangoma.

The meeting was held at Yovani hotel in Bakuli Kampala on April 3, 2015.

A total of 18 names are signed on the attendance list with most of them coming from western Uganda.

The meeting was chaired by a one Silver Byaruhanga and the main issue on the meeting’s agenda was David Kijanangoma.

Byaruhanga identified himself as a minister of Tooro Kingdom telling members that he felt “suffocated to hold his confidentiality” but allowed members to discuss Kijanangoma and find a way forward.

Another man who identified himself as Dr. Elijah Byaruhanga, a member of Kalangala action plan moved that an effective Pro-King Oyo team be formulated to kick off mobilisation.

The team’s job would be to counter Kijanangoma’s group that accuses King Oyo of not being developmental and selling of Kingdom property.


He said he had been instructed by Kemigisa to identify dependable persons with in Oyo’s group that can be trusted with credible information and have an action plan to ‘counter’ the impending ouster of her son as King of Tooro.

Dr. Byaruhanga suggested that members contribute to the cause by putting up a fund.

According to the minutes documented by a one Robert Tumuhwairwe, who was secretary, members made subscriptions to the new cause.

Elijah Byaruhanga personally contributed Shs 50,000 and Silver Byaruhanga Shs 100,000.

Others who contributed included; Geoffrey Mugisa, a minister in the Kingdom, Amos Rujumba Amos, Richard Mugaiga etc.

Dr. Byaruhanga also selected four people from the members.

At the close of the general meeting, he convened another closed door meeting with the chosen four.

Details of their discussion are still scanty.

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