Oyo cutting branch he is seated on-Museveni


Museveni meeting Oyo at Rwakitura

You would still be right to say President Yoweri Museveni has abandoned Tooro King, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru IV.

In July, President Museveni went to Fort Portal to reconcile Oyo with Prince David Kijanangoma who is determined to take the throne.

In a meeting held at State Lodge in Fort Portal, Museveni told the warring camps he would consult the Attorney General to ascertain whether the people of Tooro, according to the Ugandan constitution, can choose their own King.

Museveni also appointed a team of religious leaders [a tribunal] and ordered them to commence a dialogue between the aggrieved parties.

The tribunal headed by Anglican Bishop Reuben Kisembo of Rwenzori Diocese also includes; Catholic Bishop Robert Muhiirwa of Fort Portal Diocese, Bishop Jimmy Katuramu of United Pentecostal Churches in Uganda and Tooro Khadi Sheikh Abbibu Mande.

Oyo refuses to meet the tribunal

The tribunal set to work; it was supposed to meet district leaders, councillors, King Oyo and his camp and Kijanangoma and his camp in order to compile a report on the royal feud.

When the tribunal went to Oyo’s palace in Fort Portal town to meet him, the King excused himself.

They were told the king was indisposed to meet them and the he would invite them when he is ready.

Sources in the palace tell us, Oyo was also defiant saying he, a royal, could not be summoned or questioned by a group of clerics.

Oyo told them through the new Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister, Bernard Tungakwo Ateenyi, that he would later call and brief them when he is ready.

Oyo writes to Museveni to disband the tribunal

On the directives of Queen Mother, Best Kemigisa, Premier Tungakwo in August wrote to Museveni to suspend proceedings of the tribunal chosen to arbitrate in issues dividing one of the oldest monarchies.

Tungwako claimed in the letter that the committee headed had deviated from what was agreed upon.

“We disagree with the road map as stated by the committee because it has no terms of reference and it is contrary to what was agreed upon at Njara State Lodge…We, therefore, suggest that its proceedings should be suspended,” Tungwako wrote.

Museveni loses temper

While opening the newly constructed Katungu Mother’s Union centre in Bushenyi, West Ankole Diocese on August 25, 2015, Museveni expressed his disappointment in King Oyo.

He said the King had disregarded a committee he personally set up to solve Tooro issues.

“They [Tooro Kingdom] are cutting the same branch they are seated on,” Museveni said.

He further pointed out that whatever follows after Oyo’s refusal to meet religious leaders would be his fault and that he, Museveni, had done his part.

Oyo hastily calls back the tribunal

The source tells us Museveni’s words cut through Oyo’s brain like a sharp razor.

The King hastily called the tribunal promising to meet them.

When the tribunal went to the palace, still Oyo did not show up for the second time.

They were told to wait for the King’s communication soon.

The tribunal further tried to meet maternal uncles of the King Charles K Kamurasi, head of Babiito clan, and Queen Mother to no avail.

Clerics boycott Oyo’s coronation

Towards mid-September, King Oyo organised his 20th coronation anniversary which was boycotted by religious leaders.

As we have learnt, it’s a tradition in Tooro that a day before the coronation, prayers are held at St John Kabarole Cathedral.

Oyo called the clerics on short notice telling them he had cancelled the prayers and would shift the session to his palace.

Angered by this disrespect, the clergy decided to boycott the event.

Trying to patch up things, the shaken Oyo gave Museveni the Kasagama achievement award for “contributing greatly towards the development of the Kingdom” at the coronation held at Karuzika palace in Fort Portal in Kabarole district.

Ready to hand report to Museveni

The clergy then met Kijanangoma and his supporters, former Tooro Kingdom prime ministers, regents and royal children of Sir George Rukidi III and former speaker of the supreme council, among others.

Bishop Kisembo says they have finished their report and will hand it over to Museveni next month, October.

He says they are not happy after being treated with contempt by the King and his mother.

Kijanangoma proceeds with his own coronation

Meanwhile, Kijanangoma is preparing massively to have himself crowned the new King of Tooro on December 23, 2015.

His aide, Andrew Irumba, says they have already received cows from Ntungamo for the ceremony.

“We will also have delegations of Batooro living in USA and Canada at the event,” Irumba says.


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