Oyo cries to Museveni as Kijanangoma forms cabinet


Tooro rebel King, David Kijanangoma, has received 15 cows from Ntungamo well-wishers ahead of his coronation ceremony at the close of the year.

Andrew Irumba, the King’s top aide, says Kijanangoma ordered him to coordinate his trip with one of Tooro’s greatest friends identified as Charles Amooti [Ntungamo born] to ensure his trip is successful.

Irumba says Charles introduced him to Kijanangoma’s maternal aunties from the Abaitira clan [his mother’s clan] who were born in Tooro but married in Ntungamo district.

“After prolonged greetings, each of them starting pledging cows like they were possessed by Tooro’s Kyebambe spirits, before we knew it, they had already reached 15 cows ready for transit from Ntungamo to Tooro,” Irumba says.

Kijanangoma in return pledged to transport all his maternal aunts and their friends from Ntungamo and back on the D-day as appreciation for their support.

“I will send you 5 coasters to pick and drop you back here on 23rd December [coronation day] to come and witness history in Tooro,” the King said.

According to Irumba, Kijanangoma is currently on a retreat and working on releasing his tentative cabinet ministers with whom to work and ensure his coronation this December becomes successful.

He was last seen on a ship heading to Kalangala Islands where he has been holed up since last week when he left Ntungamo.

The Prince declared he had overthrown King Oyo Nyimba and he accused of conspiring with his mother, Best Kemigisa, to run down the Kingdom.

Recently, President Yoweri Museveni met the two rival monarchs and formed a tribunal to settle their grievances.

Oyo camp cries to Museveni

The Prime Minister of Tooro Kingdom last month called on President Museveni to suspend proceedings of the tribunal chosen to arbitrate in issues dividing one of the oldest monarchies.

Bernard Tungwako claims that the committee headed by Bishop Reuben Kisembo has deviated from what was agreed upon.

While in Fort Portal last month, President Museveni met the rival factions and proposed the setting up of a tribunal composed of various leaders as a neutral arbiter.

The current conflict stems from a self-proclamation by Prince Kijanangoma as new Tooro King in March this year.

The prince accused his cousin, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi 1V, of alleged incompetence and abdication of his duties when he decided to live in Kampala.

After the meeting, president Museveni with the assistance of kingdom elders, appointed several religious leaders to investigate the impasse and send their findings to the president as soon as they finish.

However, less than a month later, King Oyo’s side alleged loopholes in the procedure prompting the Prime minister to write to president!

“We disagree with the road map as stated by the committee because it has no terms of reference and it is contrary to what was agreed upon at Njara State Lodge…We, therefore, suggest that its proceedings should be suspended,” Tungwako wrote to the President conveying what Orukurato (Kingdom parliament) resolved on August 8.

Dan Rubombora, the spokesperson for Prince Kijanangoma’s side, said: “I want to inform Tungwako that what we have been raising are not Kijanangoma’s issues as he stated in his letter to the President, but issues of illegal land evictions and illegal collection of ground rent, which are issues of concern to the people of Tooro.”

Allan Kagoro, proprietor of the Allan’s resort Fort Portal who doubles as Head of palace affairs at Rwengoma palace said on phone; “Batooro are resolved to have a king of their choice as stipulated in the constitution of the republic of Uganda, and nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.”

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