Opondo unfit to speak for Uganda or attack US-envoy


Former Uganda Ambassador to the US Edith Sempala, says government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo is not fit to speak on behalf of the Ugandan government.

Sempala made the remark on Wednesday while appearing on NBS television.

On April 7, Opondo issued a statement attacking what he called the “unfair criticisms about its elections and human rights records” by the US Ambassador Ms. Deborah Malac.

Opondo revealed that Uganda knows some groups in the US and EU, including diplomats accredited to Uganda, funded and are still funding opposition elements in Uganda to cause government change outside the constitutional framework but are disappointed this hasn’t been successful as yet.

“The U.S., which uses raw power to project its influence and interests around the world, is the least competent to ask other nations for democratic accountability,” he said.

To the contrary, Sempala argues that for people who consider themselves friends of Uganda and have invested a lot, the US has a right to comment on Uganda.

She said US government statements are aimed at urging Uganda to reverse the worrying trend.

“Ofwono Opondo should never speak on behalf of our government.”

She added: “He has no moral authority.”

According to Sempala, human rights violations in Uganda are getting out of hand.

Meanwhile, tensions between Uganda and the United States are about to spiral out of control.

Malac and the US representative to the UN, Ms Samantha Power, have even reached a point of suggesting that is a risk to Uganda’s future.

In an interview with The Observer on Monday, the deputy director of the Uganda Media Centre, Col Shaban Bantariza, said they will summon Malac soon.

“Yes, the intention [to summon Malac] is there and the process is underway,” Bantariza told the newspaper.

“It should have been today [Tuesday] but I think it will now be in the next few days.”

Bantariza said government was displeased with both Malac’s “misconceived” views and her methods of work.

He said that as a diplomat, Malac should have used diplomatic channels to express her “grievances” against  the Uganda government, instead of using conferences to attack the government directly.

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