Opondo tells FDC’s Ingrid to get a rope, hang herself


FDC tough lady Ingrid

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, without mincing his words, has advised Forum for Democratic Party [FDC] mobilisation official, Ingrid Turinawe, to get a rope and go hang.

Ingrid was appearing on “NBSFrontline” programme on Thursday night to speak on the scheduled return to the country of Dr Kizza Besigye.

On why he didn’t return on Thursday as earlier scheduled, Ingrid said they wish to welcome Besigye in a heroic way “because this is the first time he travelled as the president of the people”.

She confirmed Dr Besigye will return on Monday at 8:15am.

According to her, Besigye decided to extend his stay for four days because he had to finish some business—scheduled flights can be rescheduled at the traveller’s will.

“We [FDC] have a committee of defiance which plans defiant activities. It’s chaired by Hon. Semujju Nganda. Mugisha Muntu, our party president, has not at any time said he doesn’t believe in defiance. But we have different responsibilities,” she said.

Opondo who was appearing on the same show jumped in: “If Ingrid Turinawe is in charge of mobilization at FDC, the party should be given a rope to hang itself.”

According to Opondo, some elements in FDC take everybody, but themselves, for fools.

“They think they can fail Ugandans but we wish them luck.”

Ingrid, however, reminded Opondo that the reason she is in opposition is to take power.

“The reason I am in FDC is to take power. I would be in NRM or even out of politics. I plan from morning to evening on how to remove Museveni.”

She said, for example, the other day; Rwanda was launching an Airbus, while Uganda was launching the “Rolex”.


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