Opondo lauds book on Besigye, revolution


A book detailing the political path of the former opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader Dr. Kizza Besigye has been launched.

The book titled “Kizza Besigye and Uganda’s Unfinished Revolution” is authored by Daniel K. Kalinaki a Ugandan journalist working with the Nation Media Group as Managing Editor in Charge of Regional Content.

He is also a University Lecturer.

The book charts the journey of Besigye starting from his childhood in Rukungiri to working alongside Museveni against the Obote ‘regime’ and finally, to leading an opposition movement.

The backdrop to the story is a Uganda re-emerging from decades of abuse by tyrants of yester-year.

Kalinaki provides a concise account of the history of the country and interwoven into it are the stories of Besigye, Museveni and their respective parties and causes.

This perhaps is where the book triumphs.

In one volume the reader gains an insight into Besigye the man, the evolution of Uganda and the sins and successes of a government which has possibly outstayed its welcome.

While launching the book on Friday, Daniel Kalinaki said he was forced to write the book after he met a Kenyan friend in a pub where she asked him why Ugandans have allowed themselves to be confused by two politicians who are fighting over a woman.

He says when the lady he could not identify challenged him he started consulting with some friends whether a book about Besigye political life had been written and many said no that is why he decided to start developing ideas that eventually culminated in to the book.

During the launch, Kizza Besigye the subject of the book explained how he and others were forced to join the NRA struggle about bad leadership after the Uganda People’s Movement (UPM) was defeated in a contested election in 1980.


L-R: Col Kizza Besigye, Maj Amanya Mushega, Maj Kaka, Maj Tom Butime


He says being a doctor and the state of impunity at that time was justifiable to join the struggle though what is on the ground today is not what they taught could not have come to play since the struggle was supported by the people.

But Gen. Mugisha Muntu, one of the NRA bush war fighters says all of them fought based on the promise that things were going to be better though by what is happening now is a lost opportunity.

Some of the speakers during the launch such as Kalundi Serumaga who edited the book said it is talking about an unfinished revolution without suggesting other alternatives that can be used to finish what was already started.

However, when contacted over the book critical of President Museveni and the NRM leadership, Ofwono Opondo, the Uganda Media Center director, said the book can help to solve the problems of the country.

He said what people need to know is that NRM has come from where things were difficult and worked to make things better.



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