Opondo: Besigye is a traitor & will be dealt with


Opondo addressing youth in Kyankwanzi

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, has described opposition leader Kizza Besigye as a traitor who must be dealt with by all means possible.

“We have allowed Besigye to thrive but he is a traitor and we must deal with him politically,” Opondo said Wednesday while addressing youth about transformation of Uganda at the Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi.

Besigye is already on trial in the High Court for treason having declared himself winner of 2016 presidential elections and calling himself the people’s president.

According to Opondo, there is no debate about elections, every Ugandan knows that after 5 years, they are general elections, for MPs and the president.

“There should be no reason why a President should declare a state of emergency amidst the presence of the constitution.”

Opondo compared Museveni’s regime with that of former dictator Idi Amin to justify why government needs to curtail Besigye.

“There was a time when people feared to own property because it would be taken away anyway. There was a time when, all Ugandans did was running away from their country because of political insecurity. There was a time when no one could call themselves chairman in school because Amin considered himself as the only chairman.”

He said there was a time when no one could call themselves a president of a debating club because Amin was the only President.

“There was a time when you couldn’t be walking with your beautiful girlfriend. They would ask you how you got such a person.”

According to him, restoration of security of person and property has just started in the NRM Government and that the country is safe and peaceful now.

“Today, I assure you that you can move to any part of the country without security guards and arrive safely.”

Opondo says NRM has built a national economy that is integrated and self-sustaining yet there was no Ugandan product on the market whatsoever in Amin’s time.

He also noted that NRM has fought corruption and now transparency is key in all public service offices including government.

“Here is where I ask Besigye whether there is a points I have said is not done, or reached to a certain extent.”

“Also ask these MPs how competent they are at doing their work, to achieve transparency in this country. Why are you an MP of NRM if you cannot answer back at Semujju Nganda [FDC official] by word of mouth? It shows you’re a traitor.”

He said some MPs came to parliament and the first thing they did was fixing their stomachs because they don’t explain problems people.

“These MPs asked for cars of 200 million, make sure you also ask them for the receipts, be vigilant we have gangsters around.”

According to Opondo, the roots of constitutionalism go way back, it did not just spring out of nowhere and that there is constitutionalism in Uganda.

“You heard Besigye say we don’t want this government without constitutionalism. Obote [Milton Obote-former president] served MPs with beer, when they had got drunk after his arrival he said, “now I open parliament”.”

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