Opinion: Will Museveni’s rebellious arm affect security?


Obama cracking jokes on Museveni’s bandaged arm

Folks we have landed into a huge intelligence trap.

The TDA machine.

The TDA technology was designed to generate a single read joint presidential candidate and to battle for Reforms.

Mr Museveni dominates political ground precisely on two grand factors;

He is in control of the State Machine that he deploys to dominate the masses and secondary and most importantly he won’t allow his opponent room to access the masses to mobilise and organise.

Mr Museveni is done in setting up the rigging machine namely, the Militia, the Rwakoojo- Kigundu Commission and the Cadre Supreme Court to confirm and legalise the rigged result.

Apparently Mr Museveni has tabled the law with a two pronged import;

Limit campaign period to only 60 days to cover more than 120 districts.

The sixty days certainly include rest days, days to repair vehicles, mobilise other supplies and to organise rallies.

Remember that most of the population in upcountry is in hard to reach ground and therefore in essence the candidate will be limited to District town centers.

Mr Museveni continues to change laws in the campaign season and without contestation.

There is a crisis in NRM and most primaries are on hold.

We haven’t interrogated this to establish what are Mr Museveni’s calculations.

Mr Museveni’s arm has rebelled.

Is there another organ yet to join in the tumult?

How will the dissent of Mr Museveni’s organs impact national security and stability?

Mr Kale Kayihura banned presidential aspirants from doing consultations.

The country needs to break through Mr Kale Kayihura barricades.

In my view there are more pertinent issues to discuss and more critical than TDA.

Certainly you would be stupid to think, and I hope I’m wrong, that any of the two, Mr Amama and Mr Besigye, would stand down for the other.


That Amama leaves the trappings of power in NRM to become a campaign manager for Besigye and or Mr Besigye with that anger and zeal he displayed in usurping FDC from the Mr Muntu fangs, stands down to become a campaign manager for Amama?

Give me a break.

Folks and Foes, we have expended sufficient energy on TDA.

Lets us refocus our energy on other critical areas to salvage our country.

I beg to move.

Charles Rwomushana, the author, is a former head of political intelligence desk at State House

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