Opinion: Why Uganda is performing poorly at Rio Olympics

RIOEC86063I4G_768x432Our poor performance at the Rio Olympics so far, is basically an illustration of reaping what we sow

If we see sports simply as a hobby and treat it as such and we go and compete with people who have dedicated themselves from a young age to strive for excellence and are backed solidly by the people and the government of their respective countries, really, what do we expect to happen?

The only sport given SERIOUS attention is football *gasp!*.

I’m not trying to be pessimistic here, I’m saddened and frustrated by our performance and I’m merely stating what I feel the problem is and giving suggestions for improvement.

I love my country as much as anyone and I’m sick of seeing us go to the Olympics and come back medal-less. I want to see us march into the Olympics with a smile on my face and not a shake of my head.

In my opinion, the issue is not talent, but attitude and dedication. Once that is sorted out, I believe everything will fall in place.

It would also help if we had schools dedicated to sports as in, they learn science, math etc like any normal school, but special focus is given to sports(like its done in China, Europe and the US).

Everyone must be given the chance to engage in sports so we are able to spot those who are potentially good and train them.

Winning medals is an extremely hard feat, but the fact is, it’s not impossible.

We are up against athletes who live, eat and breathe sports and have the solid support of their respective countries.

Until our attitude towards sports (football is not included) changes drastically, the only thing we will continue to get from the Olympics will be the experience (and perhaps a medal or two here and there).

Dixon Bond Okello, the author, is a security events guru 


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